Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes – Part Two

Funky Mess #2 – The GOP’s “new” Pledge to America   In this proposal, there isn’t even specific discussion of thought out legislation.  I refuse to fall for the okie-doke.  If any elected (or wannabe elected) official shows up in a key election year with this song, just say no.  I’m not being partisan…I’m talking about any official on either side of the fence.  Pretty documents, mailings and sound bites before an election deliver nothing once they take office.  This pledge will be gone, vamoose, come November 3.

Funky Mess #3 – Jesse Jackson, Jr., the restaurant and that pesky desire for a senate seat.  I recall his terse statements and public judgment of his father’s love child mess.  Then his whining when said father spoke out “off mic” in an apparent jealous vent against then Senator Obama, whose campaign Junior was working on.  Whopsie daisy.  Seems like Junior forgot he’s from Chicago, Illinois where the politics can be fast and dirty, there is a pecking order and favors done in the past will always become a trump card in another’s pocket.  Timing is also everything and I think tossing back up some previous allegations of corruption as well as the new mistress tidbit are a concrete ploy to kill his mayoral ambitions.  Someone determined it wasn’t his time, he pressed on, he’s now toast. 

Funky Mess #4 – The continuing saga of Lindsay Lohan  Friday a Los Angeles judge tossed her back in jail for violating her probation via that failed drug test.  Okay, big deal.  Lots of folks violate probation and are put back in per the rules of their release.  What?  The media is asking if this was the right move or if she should have been given a rehab visit (again) instead.  Really?  Um…how’d that work out last time? 

There are a million tragic pieces to watching this young starlet crumble and I don’t want to see her end up as Hollywood fodder when her spiral continues to an inevitable death announcement.  Seems like we can rule out her getting any stable help from her feuding parents, so if jail is the option to save her, bring it on.  I remember watching the pattern of Robert Downey, Jr. a few years back (during his Ally McBeal time) and cringing.  He is a brilliant actor, but was so close to not being here anymore.  I hated to see him go to prison, but that last judge not giving him another pass most likely blessed his life.  Unless this happens for Lindsay, she will continue with her funky mess.

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