Friday Fallout: Elmo Attacked and My Take on This Week’s Other Funky Messes

This is a little late, but still being muttered about today as part of several “hot search” items I’ve seen online today and are even carryovers from last week.

  1. Lindsay Lohan: Out, About and Another SCRAM – Surprise, surprise.  Her lawyer was able to broker another deal to get her lack of bail reversed, she was quickly sprung and is now off (again) to rehab.  I stand by my belief that something tougher is needed.  How can rehab work on someone who doesn’t believe they need it?  And all of her “friend” sources that are quoted say she’s still blaming everyone else. 

    Please Clean Up Your Mess by allen.goldblatt

    Flickr image by Allen Goldblatt

  2. A Rough Week for Elmo – First Sesame Street Banned the Katy Perry/Elmo Segment.  It was a harmless music video with a muppet.  Didn’t Miss Piggy show her stuff back in the day?  She also made a regular habit of whomping her partner Kermit, but I don’t recall that getting banned.  Then Elmo was attacked while performing at a children’s event.  The Elmo performer fought back and the attacker was ordered for a mental evaluation. 
  3. Michael Jackson’s Body Guard Claims Blanket Might be His Son – And so their mess continues on.  Right now the BG says he doesn’t want to do a DNA test “unless something drastic” happens, but I put $0.50 that that will change soon.  
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