Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes (You’re Not a Good Man, Charlie Sheen)

Another One for Intervention – The trials of Charlie Sheen have been well documented, so this last moment of breakdown shouldn’t be a surprise, right?  Oye.  My fave performances of Sheen’s are from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (remember him leering at Jennifer Grey at the police station?) and Wall Street.  But now he is just roaming with abandon and skating on offenses that would toss us regular folks into jail.  That must be a privilege reserved for being the highest paid TV sitcom star.  Guess the anger management counselling from domestic violence against his wife didn’t take, eh? 

Howard K. Stern Found Guilty – Like, duh.  To me, conspiracy is only the half of it.  Let’s give him some time too.

Curses Upon LeBron James – You have to give it to us Clevelanders that we have spirit.  One has to have a solid constitution to survive horrendous winters, sometimes ranging November through April, then stay year after year to do it again.  We sing “here we go Brownies” every football season, all while knowing how the season is probably going to end.  We have a spirit of hope, loyalty and courage in our hearts for our sports teams.

And it is that which was disrespected when LeBron went on TV and bailed without even a one minute heads-up to the Cavs team owner.  It isn’t the fact that he left–we get that free agents do that–it was the HOW that we have not gotten over. 

So I’ve admitted to not being a fan of Cleveland’s lost “king.” I even think he’s an immature brat.  But curses people?  Really?  Well, you have to give it to us Clevelanders that we have spirit.

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3 Responses to Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes (You’re Not a Good Man, Charlie Sheen)

  1. Jonathan says:

    I think somehow history will almost forget Charlie Sheen, purely because his Dad has been arrested so many times for things WORTH being arrested for 🙂

  2. writenowlife says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jonathan. You are right on about history and Charlie. Just bothers me to see people with talent flame out.

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