The Zombie Apocalypse Has Arrived – Tips for Survival

You awake to the sound of multiple alarms outside. Cars. Buildings. It even sounds like the city’s tornado alarm is clamoring in the fray. Peeking out of the window, you see what you assume to be neighbors—no one really knows each other these days—running across the yards and into the street. Some are speeding out of their driveways not caring if they hit shrubs or utility poles. What can be going on you think while considering moving from the window to check out CNN. Then you see it, towards the end of the block. A group huddled together over something. They are bobbing up and down, pulling back a bit then diving back in with their arms and heads. You see clothing flapping in their hands. Clothes attached to…

The zombie apocalypse is here and there are key strategies to survive. First, watch a little more to see if you are dealing with the slow moving variety or the superfast rage kind. If the power is still working, go for a quick media update either online or from one of the news channels. See what others are saying. Is it localized, statewide, national, world plague? Then determine the safety of where you are. If you have a good deal of supplies…food, water, possible weapons, areas without big windows that can lock…you may want to sit it out at least until the streets clear.

If you can stay put, you will avoid the congested highways and chaos of people panicking and making bad choices. You will have time to center yourself and mentally prepare for what you will see. You will also be able to add more to your arsenal when you do venture out by picking up items that are left behind.

If where you are is not safe, then you will need to stay hidden while making a break for it. From the movies, we have learned not to go to popular locations (e.g., a mall, pub or amusement park) because if any residual memory or thinking capability is left, that is where the zombies will instinctually gravitate to. When moving out among a zombie attack, remember three key things: feet, eyes and hands.

If faced with a zombie directly threatening you, use your feet to run. This is where knowing what type you are dealing with matters. If it is the slow, George Romero Night of the Living Dead type, you can just run. A new millennium Zack Snyder remake Dawn of the Dead type? Well buddy you better run fast.

Next keep track of what is going on with your eyes. When running, it might be easy to fall into tunnel vision. Don’t. You need to be aware of what the zombie you are running from is doing (like making a lunge at you with an open mouth) and look for other threats. Remember, it is the apocalypse so there will be a number of zombies roaming about and many will be traveling in packs.

Finally, you will need to use your hands. Hands will grasp weapons so you can aim for the head. No weapons? Well hope you can hit hard because your bare hands (and maybe some kicks) will be all that you have to push and beat an attack back.

Good luck to you! May you make it to the other side alive and breathing.

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