John Tyner and His “Junk”

This is the guy who refused to submit to a full body scan then told the TSA agent he’d have them arrested if they touched his junk during the pat-down.  He then wandered to the ticket counter to get a refund for his flight and leave.  Really dude?  Like someone wants to waste their time copping a feel of your goods. 

Part of me is wondering if this was some type of publicity stunt.  I mean, who goes to the airport not knowing and already expecting to have to submit to a mandated screening process?  That’s the way it is now folks and like it or not, each time we show up, the rules could be different depending on new intelligence and what is deemed necessary.  Suck it up, opt for your screening method (full body scan or pat down) and go on your merry way. 

Right after September 11, I remember going through security and the alarms going off presumably from some jewelry I had on as well as material in my bra.  I was pulled aside to a designated area and both searched via a metal detector wand then pat down.  Standing just past the post where I was I saw a military dressed guard with what appeared to be an automatic weapon in his arms. 

Did that make me feel all warm and fuzzy?  Eh, nope.  I remember thinking at what point would he actually make the call to shoot someone?  Would the gun have been pointed at me had I caused a ruckus at the pat-down point?  And there was sadness that in that moment in our country, that is where we were.  Yet we as citizens need to realize that moments like that are not about us and our own selfish wants and wishes.  The whole of the pilots, crew and other passengers are more important than that.

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