Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes

The Scanner Protest that Wasn’t – The idea being publicized was for those travelling Wednesday—what I believe is the busiest travel day of the year—to refuse the body-scan if selected for it.  The goal was to overwhelm the pat-down areas to create a backlog and security checkpoint delays.  Yeah.  That was a bust, eh?  Media reports state that everything flowed as normal without any significant issues.

I’ve gone back and forth on what the worst option would be for me.  Having someone I don’t know touching me is far more in my space so I’m just not feeling the whole pat-down idea or selecting it, provided it can be a choice versus a necessity for medical or other reasons.   Now you put some cute TSA guys on post, then let me opt one of them in to conduct the search?  They can get their pat on.  What?  Not appropriate?  Maybe even have a celebrity pat-down day and provide choices between Johnny Depp, Prince and T.I.  Pat away fellas, pat away.

The Pastor, Facebook and Portals to Infidelity – Whoowee.  To me, it never fails that “church folks” who rally the hardest against certain things they deem as “ills of the world,” are the ones with something going on themselves.  It is the circular reasoning that if they point a hard finger at someone else’s sin, theirs won’t be seen, and then if theirs is seen, they call it a human failing and expect to have forgiveness (while that courtesy wasn’t offered to the original subject of their scorn).

This week, we get the Facebook-is-a-portal-to-infidelity argument from Reverend Cedric Miller.  He told his married church leaders they had to delete their Facebook accounts or resign from their positions.  Turns out he obviously knows what he speaks about infidelity, from kicking it in a three-way some years back with his wife and a male church worker.  Rev. Miller believes that Facebook has led many people into infidelity as they reconnect with old flames and classmates.  Dude, I’m thinking the virtual tool of Facebook isn’t as big a temptation.  Maybe you should rally instead against in-person contact and communication in the workplace.  Yee-haw.

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