Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes

Maybe I should call this week’s edition “Sunday Sizzle.”

Media Stalking of Aretha Franklin – A pox on the house of any media pundits out there hunting to pay for stolen medical records or even pre-writing her obituary.  Their mutterings have already started as they look for more “family leaks” into Ms. Aretha’s current health crisis.  She did a recent interview with Jet magazine and, while stating she is feeling better and focusing on doing what she needs to do for herself, refused to confirm the reports that she has pancreatic cancer.  Given the low survival stats on that type of cancer over the long-term, if that is in fact her ailment, I don’t blame her for the silence.  If it is not, I still don’t blame her. 

Nothing in this life is promised to any of us, but the end of it.  That is not to put a negative spin on the beauty of what life is—rather it is a basic fact.  No one gets a prize for fulfilling our curiosity on their suffering.  Feeding our frenzy won’t buy the Queen of Soul any extra hours, minutes or seconds.  She mentioned in the interview that the doctors are okay with her doing whatever she feels up to, and that she’d like to catch a show in the next few weeks.  I wish her many blessings as she heals from surgery and hope she thoroughly enjoys that show.  As a fan, I don’t need to know the details to be able to send well-wishes her way.  Much respect to her for her choice of privacy.

Michael Vick Wanting a Pet Dog – Poor former dog fighter Michael Vick said that he would love to have another pet in the house as a “big step” for himself “in the rehabilitation process.”  Dude, really?  He also babbled something about wishing his daughter wasn’t missing out on having a dog because of his past actions.  One might wonder about his treatment of kids and other humans after his past demonstrations of immense cruelty and torture of animals, but I digress.  Vick’s wishes are so absurd that they made CNN’s RidicuList.  Wicked funny!  And I HEART Anderson Cooper.

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2 Responses to Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes

  1. Laura Best says:

    I hadn’t heard about Aretha’s health problems. She’s a wonderful singer. I agree with you, I don’t blame her for keeping silent.

  2. Barbara says:

    She really is one of the greats for vocalists, Laura. Yes, I was heartbroken when first hearing the rumors of her cancelling concerts/appearances for the next six months, then the report of having surgery and the cancer story. I hope she finds privacy and comfort as she heals.

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