Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes

Charlie Sheen Redux – I’m a bit bummed.  I was all set to craft a nifty little rant about Mr. Charlie Sheen yesterday after reading the dirty details of his romp part 10 with porn stars and drugs (hello cocaine) mixed in (he even wrote one a $30K check!).  Here’s my take on his last hotel incident. 

So, I was going to prattle on about his family, friends, show producers and network with their heads, hands and feet all stuck in the deep sands of denial.  Of his team’s fancy footwork in releasing a statement saying he had hernia issues that forced him into emergency vs. a drug overdose.  Of the fact that he was planning on reporting back to work with no consequences. 

Then, breaking news alert, he’s voluntarily turned himself into rehab.  Really?  Like that’s for real.  Can you say act to squash the building PR nightmare around his behavior and his hit show’s ratings?  Not buying what they are selling over here.  Now, if I’m wrong and this turns into the real deal, then I’ll mix up the dish of crow myself.

Ted Williams Redux – For his minute of fame, Ted makes it to the Dr. Phil Show, fesses up to lying about his detoxed status and agrees to be shipped off to rehab.  Less then two weeks in, he checks himself back out.  Anyone surprised?  Yeah, me either.

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