Music Monday: 7- One Band/Singer You’re Ashamed to Admit You Like

I’m going with Chris Brown, John Mayer and Soulja Boy Tell’em for this one.  I don’t like them as people, but do have (and enjoy) some of their music.  Ironically, I wasn’t even a fan of Chris before the domestic violence on Rihanna.  I found his music to be nasal in tone and childish.  After his famous attack, I figured he would crawl off never to whimper again.  Then it happened.  He released “I Can Transform Ya” and me, being a sucker for a good beat, fell for it.  A colleague then let me borrow the full deluxe CD and (gasp) there were more songs to like.  So now I have his last album downloaded onto my iPod and am sad to admit I also like his new single “No B…S…”  (Hanging head, waiting for an intervention.)

Though I didn’t know much about him, I’ve been a fan of John Mayer’s music for a few years and figured, being a bluesy like musician, that he’d be a cool person.  Then I start reading about his pigwhore escapades with starlet after starlet.  Dude, could you be a gentleman and keep your pie hole shut?  It was like he’s a 15 year-old boy giggling about how good he is.  After last year’s Playboy article and his declaration of his neither regions being a “white supremacist” (among other things), I vowed to purge my collection of his nastiness.  But I didn’t.  It is a thin line of separating the artist and their actions from the talent and artistry.

As for Soulja Boy, like everyone else I thought he’d be a one-hit wonder novelty act.  Then “Turn My Swag On” was released and–there goes a catchy beat again–I’m sing-song rapping right along.  I’m posting it so you can understand the source for my shame.

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