Rants from an Idol Addict – No April Fools Here

“Based on performances, I think it should be Paul, Thia and a toss between Naima and Haley.”

Yes, America agreed with me and it looks like Paul will (soon please) have his swan song playing.  You can do it folks.  Don’t be fooled by the wattage of his super-white smile.  Don’t be hypnotized by repeated wearing of the flower suit.  Don’t give him extra points for playing an instrument.  Vote for anyone else (well, except Haley) and just not him. 

Other random result show thoughts:

  • I liked the live duet/group singing.  This is a singing show, so make ‘em sing live each time. 
  • That said, why didn’t Thia get to solo during her group?  Would have been nice since they ran out of time and she didn’t get to sing a goodbye.
  • I love little Stefano, but his voice didn’t really meld on his solo with the AI band group.  Also, Casey was reverting to the growly thing.  James sounded good.  Yeah, Paul muttered along as well.
  • Was it just me or did Naima and Jacob lack chemistry?  Like zero.  She had presence and charisma.  I got pageant hand/dance moves from him.  Awkward.
  • What on earth did Fantasia a) have stuck on the top of her head, b) decide to wear and c) sing???  That song doesn’t feel like a hit to me.  She should have stuck with the one on the radio now…I’m Doin’ Me.  Much more catchy to win album buyers.
  • Ditto for the Jamie Foxx/Wil.I.Am. mess.  Jamie, you are an Oscar winner and this is what you think it is cool to do?  Dude.  And no Jamie, keeping on the shades does not buy you back any credibility.  You were performing to a cartoon movie backdrop with samba dancers in feathers.
  • I want to pop Naima in the back of the head for sinking her own battleship.  She actually can sing, as proven again last night, but blew it by being over crafty and weird.  I’d much rather hear her in concert or on a record then Haley.
  • I won’t pop Thia because she’s underage and that is what I think her downfall was.  If she’d waited a few years, I think she’d have fared better.

 Flickr image by Prayitno

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