Artistic Lessons for Us Courtesy of the MTV VMAs

mtv_vma_awards_2013_650To some, the annual Video Music Awards are of a past era–one where the thrill of seeing cutting edge artists like Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna is long over.  I’ve watched the awards each year and wished for many of those hours spent back.  However, each year, there are a few standout performances and some definite lessons to pull away.

Find the Platform that Works for You

Danity Kane is reuniting.  How do I know this?  They show up at the VMAs and get a plug in for themselves on the red carpet.  For the people who remember them from Season Three of Diddy’s Making the Band (a hit MTV show) and their songs, perfect product placement.  They are where their fans could find them and, from this, they may also grab a few new followers.

Inspired by the RWA kick, I’ve made some design changes to my blog and am (finally) creating an author Facebook page.  The blog has given me a great way to interact, meet others, do some cool guest posts and share a peek into who I am.  That’s a platform that works for me.  I haven’t gotten my arms around Google + so I’m not spending a lot of time there yet.

Know What Your Fans Like and Deliver It

Lady Gaga has been off the radar since having to cut her Born This Way tour short and heal a broken hip.  Her fans like different.  Her fans like artistic creation.  Her fans like authentic vision.  Gaga gives them that and more leading off the show with Applause.  She brings several costume changes while still singing and quirky dance moves.

Some Things Aren’t a Good Blend

Miley Cyrus attempting to twerk (dance), surrounded by teddy bears, then sing didn’t work.  She puts her face into the butt of a background dancer (yes, you read that right) and does desperate moves in a bear-themed leotard.  Next Robin Thicke enters and she strips to her underwear, dons a stadium hand sign, then butchers his hit, Blurred Lines, while fingering herself.  Millions of us can’t get that vision out of our heads.

If You Have Talent, Show It

Award shows have become notorious for being lip sync central, in part because we now have many pseudo-singers, driven by their looks, roaming the industry.  Out of that crop, there are some true vocalists.  We hear Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars (and a few others) sing live.  Ariana, as a newbie, is most impressive because she bails on the heavy dance moves and stands still more to be able to sing the song’s runs and high notes.

For me, showing my talent that means creating a page highlighting other places where my writing has appeared.  It means editing some short stories that I’ll be submitting to contests and an anthology in a few weeks.  It means writing the novel I need to write.

Celebrate Your Past Successes

The Jimmy Fallon named “President of Pop,” Justin Timberlake, reunites onstage with ‘N Sync.  While he might not be looking to go on tour or cut an album with the guys, he’s not hiding from his boy band background.  He’s a child star success story and has mastered bringing along old fans and making new ones.  I bob my head along to Girlfriend as well as some of his remixed solo hits.  And I laugh as they all remind me of the extra talent–dancing–that they still have over the boy bands of today.

What are you doing to highlight your talents? 

How about your past success? 

Any bad blends (like bloody zombies in a cozy) that you wish to share?

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2 Responses to Artistic Lessons for Us Courtesy of the MTV VMAs

  1. S. J. Maylee says:

    Great post, Barbara. I’ve stopped watching the VMAs live, but I definitely watch the highlights. Thanks for the run down. My debut just released and now I’m trying to do the smart marketing I’ve read about for so long. It’s not easy, but of course nothing in this writing journey is, lol.

  2. You do the best reviews. I watched the highlights tonight and just scratched my head. Yes to JT and the boys but not much else! I’m loving your writing, btw!

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