Inspiration Strikes! 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workshop

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It started with a simple query from Walker at A Page of My Own : “Join us in building a better blog…On Monday I’ll post a proposed start date and we’ll see who wants to play!!”  Already spending time researching tips on how to do “this blog thing” better, I immediately said I was in.   

Then the muttering Critic showed up…the one who always seems to have time to chat about things prohibitive to my writing (fave topics include time and lack there of, judgement of my topic choices and other things to waste time on versus just letting me write).  So I had a choice: say, “I’ll wait until I have more time to do this” or buy the eBook and plunge in.     

Many thanks to Walker for facilitating our group and kudos to the author, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, for writing such a workbook gem.  We are on Day 7 and I’ve learned so much already from gaining a better understanding of social media to a few different structures of posts to write (e.g., a list post).  Future topics I’m looking forward to are: coming up with 10 additional post ideas, developing an editorial calendar for the blog and writing a review post.   

More importantly, I’m writing every day.  Wait, what was that? I’m. Writing. Every. Day.  And the ideas that come for draft blog posts carry over to ideas for stories that carries over into finding more time to incorporate reading.  I encourage anyone interested in learning more to consider buying the text.  And don’t listen to your critic. (Mine’s downstairs now hunting for hot chocolate).           

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5 Responses to Inspiration Strikes! 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workshop

  1. Walker says:

    Very nice, thanks for linking to me. And, I’m glad you’re enjoying this. I have found lots of value from blogging every day, even if it’s “Only” blog writing!!! ( my critic’s thought)

    • writenowlife says:

      My pleasure Walker! I’ve found more inspiration for this writing life from visiting your blog and the workshop is the bonus. Ah yes, critics are quite crafty creatures, aren’t they?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ah yes, the Critic. How I love HIM (b/c surely it’s a man!). He shows up ’round my place too. Hi, I’m from your Gotham class. Just saying hi and that I like you writing style a lot. Looking forward to following. Cheers!

    • writenowlife says:

      Hi Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated. Your blog is great too. The Critic is giggling because I was caught up in a work project and unable to launch a piece I’d been working on yesterday. I’ve got something great planned for her (yep, a woman) later today…it is time writing and she won’t be able to stop me. Duct tape may have to be used…

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