Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes (Christine O’Donnell and Others)

Wiccan Necklace by Special

Flickr image by Special

Christine “the Dabbler” O’Donnell – I’m not a political blogger, so I’m not including this to make some type of statement about her party or the tea party gang dancing behind her.  This is just funny stuff.  Election time brings out the best in platform rhetoric, skewed ads and what I call the backwards run. 

Backwards run, you ask?  Yeah, the dash/trip you see a handful of politicians doing when folks dig up their dirt in the form of past arrest records, fodder from divorces, tax issues or my fave past statements and interviews.  Christine’s plight in Delaware to dash back from the witchcraft statement has gotten her to even launch her own ad that starts, “I am not a witch.”  Would you ever have conceived a political ad having to start that way?  Hot funky mess right there folks.  Run, Christine, run!

my messy busy bed by pequeña esquimal

Flickr image by pequeña esquimal

E-Mails Show Rush to Judgment on Sherrod – The e-mails show that “in the initial hours after her firing other White House officials were thankful that Sherrod had been ousted so quickly.”  Not cool.  Funny how a story that was red hot a little while ago still has traction to come back.  Good for CNN to stay on this.  I never got how they (the USDA) actually thought it would be “alright” to say sorry and offer her a new job.  If anything, why didn’t they offer her back her original job?

Bruno Mars and the Baggie – I’m not here to rant about the bad decision-making that had him trotting into the bathroom to have a snort.  As the defense says on Law and Order, we’ll stipulate to that.  I’m wondering if he’ll get the same kid treatment as other stars…like oh say Paris Hilton who was just caught in Vegas with cocaine.  He’s gotten hit with a felony.  She pled her case down to two misdemeanors, even though this isn’t her first time to the squad room.  If he isn’t granted the same favor as a first time offender, I cry shenanigans.

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