Can I Get 90 More Days? Reestablishing My Rhythm Back at the Gym

There is less than a month left of the 90-day challenge and I need a 90-day do over.  I’m still off schedule from my normal gym romps.  I partially thank the raving gentleman whoFlickr image by AshtonColeman whacked the back of my car to create accident number two in a four-month period.  This brought me to a return trip for physical therapy.  I also blame my tricky mind that, while accepting the “it takes 21-days to form a habit” rule, finds it can kill a learned schedule quicker. 

My weekly exercise used to be:

  • an hour of Zumba
  • an hour with a trainer (free weights and machines)
  • an hour of machine Pilates
  • an hour of yoga
  • at least 3 additional hours of basic cardio (e.g., treadmill) 

That stopped all of June and part of July as I bounced back from a shoulder injury.  I slowly started ramping up and was just about there when I started the 90-day challenge.  Now, once again I’m starting the slow crawl while nursing a stiff neck.  The swelling has gone down some, but the muscles are tense.   

I attempted working out with my personal trainer on Wednesday and Pilates on Sunday.  Now my right calf is hurting from too much lower body work.  But it did feel good to go and have the oxygen and blood flowing.   I’m working on remembering to give myself kudos and credit for the small steps…and to be still through this moment of “stuckness.”  It will all straighten out with time.

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