Day One: National House Cleaning Month (NaHoCleMo)

I figure November is better known for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Starting on November 1, the goal is to write a 50,000-word novel by November 30.  I’ve heard about this annual challenge and even considered making a run at it this year.  Yeah, for like 10 delusional minutes.

Then I heard about NaHoCleMo.  Linda’s post provides a great overview of the rules.  Now this is something that is not only doable for me, but quite needed.  I’ve grown piles-o-clutter in my world.  When I survey what is in my home office space, I see the comfort of all my mini-life passions…in piles. 

There is the 17-inch, pink Studio Dell steady in my lap, but stored on the floor instead of my desk.  Why?  Because the desk is cluttered.  To the left of my recliner, my second bookcase is overflowing with titles…and coffee mugs, an old pencil sharpener, an unused phone.  See the Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript book under the coffee pot.  The 2009 Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market is hidden underneath that.

Along a far right wall there is a tower stuffed with cassette tapes, old VHS tapes, CDs and a few DVDs.  The cushions of the two seat sofa haven’t breathed fresh air in months.  There are failed storage containers and half-finished sort attempts littering the floor.

I set my goal at 2,700 minutes for the month.  There are simple daily chores that can count for this time (doing laundry, bathroom cleaning, dishes, etc.), but I want to be project-oriented as well.  Along with the bookcase above, I need to attack declutter the one in my bedroom.  This one is a fave as it was built for me when I was younger and is solid wood.  The shelves are not adjustable and are different heights. 

The books used to be in alphabetical order by author with fiction first and non-fiction next.  Now on this one, as the one above, I’ve started stashing non-book items (my old flute, unused paraffin wax machine, flashlight) and stacking books in the crevices.  What a mess. 

This month, if nothing else, I will organize my bookshelves.  I see this as falling into my focus on healthy living since clutter can be mentally draining.  Waking up each morning facing the piles makes me focus on what I should be removing versus bringing into my life.  Part of my solution will be getting an additional bookcase and purging any books that I don’t need to hold anymore.  Most important, my solution is to start.  The tracker along the bottom right of my home page will show my progress.  Off I go!

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6 Responses to Day One: National House Cleaning Month (NaHoCleMo)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Our study is almost exactly like yours – only even more crap in it… seriously.

    We fear one day there will be a “stuff avalanche”, that will bury one of us.

    • writenowlife says:

      Yes Jonathan. The mound ‘o stuff in front of the bookcase in the first picture has avalanched a few times. That is why there are more items stuffed in the crevices. It was my sad attempt to keep the front pile from tipping again. Yikes.

  2. Thanks for the link and for “playing” along. You are brave to post photos of your clutter. My office/craft room was my biggest challenge last year, and will be this year too. I spend most of my day there, so of course it collects most of my clutter. I’m also going to do some serious work on my bedroom closet and underbed storage.

    So, now it begins. Happy NaHoCleMo to you!

  3. writenowlife says:

    Thanks for stopping by Linda and for your original posts! The “lived in” feel of my office has given way to a clutter field. I also have two bad closets that need to be purged. I’m excited to have a goal and a plan and before pics.

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