The End: My 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge Results

The challenge ended with a final weigh-in on Thursday and a celebration yesterday.  Due to work obligations, I weighed in Wednesday night.  I lost 11 pounds over the past 90 days.  I then missed the participant party out of sheer exhaustion and a need to sleep in and veg yesterday.  Yes, I ended my challenge with a bit of a whimper.

If you are new to my blog (welcome!), here’s where the challenge started.  Back in August, the sun was shining and my spirits were up since I was getting reacquainted to regular exercise after a May car accident.  I saw my gym’s challenge as a jumpstart back to my weight loss journey.  It included a few nutrition classes and cross-training exercise plan.

Well, I’ll be the first to state the past 90 days didn’t go as planned.  I struggled with focus after being in another car accident in September.  Daily life became a balance of handling work responsibilities, making it to physical therapy appointments, trying to stay with my healthy eating choices, managing through chronic pain. 

I share this not to make excuses for not reaching my goal, but to document for myself another example of the realities of life and that my weight loss journey isn’t something that will occur via a magic wand waved smooth transition.  There are patterns that I learned over the past 19 years that I consciously work on to no longer repeat.  There are foods that remain as triggers to binge (hello brownies).  There are moments when the thought of spending 45 minutes on the recumbent bike makes me want to crawl under my bed.  The past 90 days were difficult and I’m ready to maintain the place I’ve progressed to and face the next challenge when it comes.  That is my reality and I’m okay with it.

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4 Responses to The End: My 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge Results

  1. Hartford says:

    11 pounds in 90 days is definitely something to celebrate – congratulations!!! I face a lot of the same struggles with an extremely busy lifestyle that makes it hard to maintain an exercise routine and healthy eating choices. You are right though, there is no point looking back and feeling badly – look back and celebrate the wins and build on those! You are making progress – great progress – and that’s worth jumping up and down for…here’s a little “woot woot” to you! 🙂

    • writenowlife says:

      Thanks for the “woot woot.” Much appreciated. For a brief moment, I was bummed at not being where I thought I would be. Then I reflected upon how I used to use food and realized that the changes I’ve made are already evident and in play. I’m down 11 more vs. up from eating to cope with the busy life and stress. And I’m the crazy girl telling the doctor I want to get back to my exercise schedule and trying to get clearance for modified routines. That’s huge.

  2. Indeed, minus 11 is miles better than plus 11. 😀 Congratulations!

    I vowed to walk every day this month, so far … not doing so well. There’s a reason, not an excuse, but still. I need to sit down and have a talk with myself. 🙂

    • Barbara says:

      Thanks Linda! I can so relate to the need to “have a talk with myself.” Just about every day I check in on choices and reasons why I’m balking at doing something. Like having the gym bag packed in the backseat yet still considering past and going home. The mind is a tricky thing.

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