Day 13: NaHoCleMo – Overwhelmed

You can take a look at my time tracker (along right side bottom of blog) and see the piddly mess I have accomplished.  Those minutes are just from some basic laundry (had two bags to get through after my crazy last few weeks) and scrubbing my tub twice after the bleach I used stained it (don’t ask).  Early this morning, I opened up one of my trunks and hauled out a batch of winter clothes.  Now that pile is sitting on top of another trunk waiting for me to a) put summer clothes into the empty trunk, b) put away the winter stuff, c) open up another trunk and d) shift and repeat. 

Why am I babbling about these trunks?  Because the need to address them and the clothes I need to get out and put away are standing in the way of my main NaHoCleMo project – the bookshelves.  My life the past few weeks has been so busy and the piles have not moved and part of me feels like just surrendering to the recliner to watch old horror movies (Saw II is on tap next) and wish it all away.  (Staring at the laptop screen.)  Yes, that is my truth right now.

Have you ever had that moment when you had so much to do and couldn’t seem to start?

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