Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes

Miley Cyrus and the Bong –  Little Miley was caught on film allegedly smoking the hallucinogenic drug salvia.  Salvia is legal so that isn’t the issue to me.  Her dad Billy says that “there is so much beyond my control right now.”  Yeah, no kidding.  Is anyone minding the candy store (or have they ever)? 

She’s 18 now, but still needs (and can benefit from) parental guidance.  I remember the lectures I received from my mom when I turned 18 about things I hadn’t even attempted to get away with yet.  I understand that her parents are in the midst of a messy divorce right now, but they need to step it up.  And Miley needs to better screen her circle of friends since one of them actually recorded then leaked the episode. 

Protester Threat for Elizabeth Edward’s Funeral – They have no class.  No disrespect meant, though I felt for her cancer struggle and her children, I have not been a fan of Elizabeth Edwards either since her husband’s second run for president.  When the scandal broke regarding his “alleged” (now confirmed) infidelity, I felt she was a willing co-conspirator in the farce.  He’d told her earlier some parts of his tryst, yet she stood by him in not only supporting his candidacy, but stating what a good man he was and that she didn’t want her recurrence of illness to stop us (the public) from benefiting of him as president.  Those choices were selfish and could have dismantled their party’s chances had he made any part of the ballot.  That is not a “good man.”

That said, choosing to cause a disruption at her funeral is disrespectful to the family and her kids.  If the Westboro Baptist Church protesters’ (the same ones who protest at the funerals of our soldiers) issues were that deep, they’ve had several years to set-up camp outside her house and protest away.  She would have been home and heard their message.  What?  No cameras would have been there then?  Imagine that.

Byron Scott Fining Cleveland Cavs for Being Late – This dude must be just looking to get some press time for himself or is gunning to kill any remaining spirit and camaraderie left on the team.  We were hit with a nasty snowstorm on Wednesday that blanketed the northeastern part of Cleveland all day.  I’ll pause here and note that another ding goes to the City of Cleveland for continued failure to plan for an organized downtown evacuation (though we faced this need in September 2001 and again during every winter) and to the Department of Transportation for failure to get the plows out in a timely matter.  Did I mention it snowed all day?  Having major roads with snow mounds is not acceptable.  But I digress. 

So Byron, the Cavs coach, fines players for being late even after some left their cars and ran through the mounds of snow, gridlocked cars and unclean sidewalks to get there.  I used to work downtown, so when I talk gridlock, I’m talking about hanging out in your car for three to four hours, getting buzzed off exhaust fumes and driving at a crawl up blocks.  There is nowhere to go and there are buses, stalled cars and people trying to cut in and out everywhere.  I give the players credit for all making it there and think this coach should take off his Grinch gear.

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