Music Monday: 3. A Song That Makes You Dance

Continuing the music meme, the next point on the list is fun.  I find the opportunity to dance every day.  Dancing for me, like writing, is a pure simple joy.  I take what I feel stirring inside and put it out into the world.  Sometimes it is just a foot tapping and shoulder shimmy while getting dressed in the morning.  Other times it is flat-out stopping what I’m doing to boogie full-on for an entire song.  I’ll dance to anything from old school Motown faves to disco to ‘80s rock to party hits to popular pop to hip hop. 

I’m grabbing a pick from my all-time jams playlist for today’s dance-off.  “1 Thing,” by Amerie.  This one is infectious with the catchy chords and go-go beat.  It still has me from first “dun” through each drum beat and snare.  And the performance has some cute steps that are fun to imitate.

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2 Responses to Music Monday: 3. A Song That Makes You Dance

  1. jenniferneri says:

    very cute post, Barbara, and one I can relate to. Before I was writing, I was training as a dancer. Injuries prevented me from finishing my training, but dancing was the only thing in life that gave me the same satisfaction as writing in it’s creative way. I dance all the time with the kids just for fun! Dancing and giggling 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks Jennifer! Yes, we are alike in that. I was a dancer growing up through about age 20 (last time in training and performing a solo). It went hand-in-hand with my creative writing I think because it is such a pure and honest expression of dancer to audience. Very similar to what we as writers strive to give.

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