Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes

The week for me, as for many of us, started with hearing the awful breaking news then tragic details about the mass shooting in Tucson.  I don’t want to minimize that event by listing it as a “hot mess,” yet I must acknowledge my feeling of frustration when it comes to the background, reactions to and actions of the shooter.  Many prayers for those killed and injured as well as for their families and extended support systems.

On to this week’s list:

1. The Whole Ted Williams Phenomenon – What’s that saying parents teach kids early on?  If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.  Call my cynical, but from day one the story of this guy’s fantastic gift being found squandered on the side of the road and the immediate latch-on by the media struck me with a false ring.  Maybe it was the salesman like quality I got while watching his interviews.  Or the fact that while he would muster up supposed words of emotion and act moved, no real tears appeared to fall. 

Then we start hearing details about his past arrests (for crimes one could expect of an addict spiraling down) and the decades long lack of connection to his mother and children.  And the “joyous” reunions though they all have not so favorable things to say about him.  And his repeated brags about being perfectly sober.

Wait for it – FAIL!  Mr. Ted is now headed to rehab after admitting he’s been lying the whole time, tipping in the sauce regular and becoming a menace.  I think we are rounding past 14 of his 15 minutes of fame.

2. Hating on Hugh Hefner – Holly Madison, she of The Girls Next Door reality TV fame, states she isn’t happy about his recent engagement to a 24 year-old Playmate.  Surprise, surprise.  I caught a couple of reruns of her show and remember her lounging around as “girl #1” of his three girlfriends at the time and her desire for him to marry her.  She dated Hefner for six years before it ended when he still didn’t want to marry her.  Two years later, he’s in the marrying mood and she’s got hate.

3. The Cavaliers Epic Loss – Maybe you need to live in Cleveland to understand the gut punch of this event.  On Tuesday, the Cavs lost to the Lakers by an embarrassing 112-57 score.  They now have an NBA-worst record at 8-30.  In Cleveland, we are loyal to our sports teams despite the decades of drama and losses and all we expect in return is for players to suit up and make an effort.  You can’t tell me that score showed any effort.

4. LeBron James’ Tweet about Karma Aimed at the Cavs – He wants to talk about karma?  Really?  Okay…but if we are talking about things in the universe that will come back around, I say for him “may everything you do come back on you times two.”  Smooches.

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