Rants from an Idol Addict – First Eliminations Are Not the Hardest

I’m just getting caught up on watching AI’s Thursday night result show in full (I did watch the last 10 minutes late Thursday night just to glimpse the cut).  Like every season, there are things I like and don’t about the result shows so a rambling we shall go:

  • Must we keep enduring the fake Ford music videos?  Does anyone even like them?  I find them to be stupid fodder. 
  • While I like the music and chorus hook of Diddy’s “Coming Home” song, I can do without Dirty Money.  They added nothing to the song above Skylar’s vocals.
  • Adam Lambert.  Okay, I get he doesn’t take aim at my team, but he is hot.  Let me clarify.  If I was cool with having a “baby daddy,” I’d make it my mission to have him be mine.  Tall, dark and handsome indeed.  Plus the beauty and control of his voice when stripped down and singing pure (vs. his love of rocking screeches).  I’d love to get that acoustic version of the song.
  • Really Ryan.  Must you play phony suspense with lines like “you are all safe (long pause) except for Karen.”  Unnecessary.
  • Okay, I’m not trying to be funny and Jacob is who he is, but I’m telling you if they have a disco week, he MUST do Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).”  The similar vocal range, church background and mannerisms are all there.  He would kill it.  The makeup and heels can be optional. 
  • Producers, did you really think we believed that the judges would save Ashthon?  Not.  And if you are going to sing for your life to get the save, singing the song you bombed on isn’t going to get it done.  
  • The Michael Jackson medley was horrendous.  Can we do LIVE medley’s at least?  Singing competition so work on your live singing.
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