Rants from an Idol Addict – Results Show Surprises

Happy Friday to all!  After the sun we had all day in Cleveland (as opposed to a tease then return to normal cloud cover), I feel like taking to the hallways and breaking into the Hustle.  Amazing what some sun can do for mood.

Anyway, I watched the results show last night.  Duh, well of course I did as all good AI addicts would.  It was the typical show with some “star” performances, tons of contestant filler, fake “dim the lights” drama for bottom three/elimination announcements and the dreaded contestant medley.  Instead of the medley, I’d much prefer to have a contestant or two repeat their Wednesday night performance.  Kind of like the judges pick that Dancing with the Stars does where the judges bring back performances that stood out.  That way we (possibly) get to see something outstanding versus the garblegook of soloists failing to blend well on stage.

Idol Thoughts:

  • I felt bad for Lee DeWyze.  Ryan says he’s one of the nicest people, which may be true, but he is in Taylor Hicks land as far as successful winners go.  He sang most of the song with his head tilted up and eyes closed.  Nice audience connection there, dude.  And the single was forgettable…just like his season.  When I think back over past seasons, I keep skipping that one and saying Kris Allen and Adam Lambert were the finalists last year.  Bad sign.
  • That was actually an okay Black Eyed Peas performance.  Maybe they wanted to redeem themselves from the hot mess that was their Superbowl show.  And props to Fergie for softening her makeup and looking like a normal pretty lady instead of an overdone scraggly has-been.
  • Yea!  Tamyra Gray was in the audience.  LOVE her.  I still think of her as the first AI winner.  Yes, I know she went out in fourth place that season.  Whatever.  She was robbed.  And the rules back then, making all the finalists have to wait to put out their album after the winner, hurt her (and some others) success chances.  By that time, the momentum was gone.  The producers came to their senses Season Two and had Clay’s material out at the same time as Rueben’s to not lose the post-season buying drive.
  • Casey didn’t do the scary face last night.  Whew.
  • Go me for getting two of the bottom three.  (Why does Paul have so many fans?!!!)
  • I was surprised that Karen was voted off.  I knew she put in a lackluster performance, but figured she had more fans, above Naima, that would be willing to give support.  Figured Karen would be toast in the next week or two, just not last night.
  • Haley has a snotty kid funk about her and Naima’s attitude wasn’t much better.  If I was a contestant standing up there wanting to win (that is the goal, right?), I wouldn’t be making faces and side comments like I’m expecting to be in the bottom three.  Even if I channeled Nikki McKibbin and delivered a horrible performance, I’d be showing some gratitude for support and hoping to be given another chance.
  • Go Stefano!  I think having to sing for a wildcard spot may have actually helped him.  It put a desperation fire into his spirit and he dug down to deliver a soulful and moving song.  In that moment, America got to see what he could do—no fancy lights, no techno beat—just him on the mic bringing it.  Now when we see him perform, we know what he is capable of and are paying attention to the talent of his voice above some of the more well-known (e.g., well-pimped by the producers) contestants.
  • Let’s see if Thia can really get it together and move out of the dreary muck hole.

And like Seacrest, I’m out!

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2 Responses to Rants from an Idol Addict – Results Show Surprises

  1. Toni says:

    I never really got into idol! They all sound great to me so I can’t appreciate it properly! Have a great weekend!

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Toni. Thanks for stopping by! I’m like that with some other competitions…if I watch, I’m enjoying all of it. Love the spirit of your blog as well! And the cats Lu Lu and Mick are too cute.

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