Rants from an Idol Addict – Wasted Save

Oh judges, producers and Ryan you do not fool me.  Call me a skeptic, but the drama of last night’s results show felt pre-planned to me.  Of course the powers that be know the results ahead of the show, so they see Casey is “voted out” and craft a dramatic way to stage it and save him for the tour.  Is he really that much of a fan fave?

If we are to believe the voting outcome is correct–as a ten season watcher of the show, I’ve got theories on that–then Casey falling low could be due to going first in the line up, not delivering a stellar performance (it wasn’t awful, it wasn’t great) and the “Ryan Starr curse.”  Ryan Starr was a Season One contestant who was limited in voice (e.g., like Paul), but was put through based on image and some showmanship.  One week she bombed a performance, yet was safe.  The next week she did a much better job, yet was then voted out.  We see it happen periodically and Casey was the latest casualty.  Or at least he was supposed to be.

So I’m back to this wasted save.  If the public is tired of Casey’s growly schtick, as I am, then he’s gone next week or soon thereafter anyway.  The only good spin I see is the opportunity to get rid of Haley (who survived due to the judges’ pimping) or Thia.  Maybe they’ll be the bottom two and I’ll get a double bonus.  I’d wish for Paul, but that isn’t gonna be given to me anytime soon. 

Yea for Stefano!  Please let this be a lesson learned with the bomb that was Hello.

Flickr image by Tripp

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