Music Monday: 13 – A Song You Sing in the Shower

Ah, so nice to be back to our regularly scheduled music break.  Growing up, I was a musical theater buff.  My world was filled with immersion in the arts – I danced (ballet then tap then jazz and settling on modern), sang (multiple choirs), acted (summer theater shows and high school performances) and attended as many professional shows as possible.

Given that background, a natural go to for early morning songs (for a non-morning person) would be show tunes.  Where I’m from, you can’t ever go wrong with Broadway. 

That’s a song I’m surprised to still know most of the lyrics to.  I was a “Cats” fanatic for many years, including performing “Macavity” in a trio for a class “show and tell” moment in elementary school and being in a “Cats” showcase for summer theater camp.

Are you a closet warbler?

What are your go to songs – for the shower or anywhere else (the car is another fave of mine)?

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4 Responses to Music Monday: 13 – A Song You Sing in the Shower

  1. Diana Murdock says:

    I love Cats! I saw it in Los Angeles many, many years ago. Songs from Broadway always seem bigger than life to me.

    My favorites songs to belt out in the car or in the shower lean more towards Apocalyptica and Breaking Benjamin, but it’s all the same. A release of the emotion within. Speaking of which, I need to charge my iPod…

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for stopping in Diana! Yes, Broadway songs do have that large scope like they are meant for a bigger universe. I know some purists hate it, but Cats will always rock to me.

    Charging my iPod right now. Sometimes I catch myself humming a little too loud at work, but a musical release is a happy thing, right?

  3. I’m definitely not a closet warbler, as I warble anywhere I can! 🙂 I do love me some showtunes and belong to a choir that sings a lot of showtunes. Good stuff! Anything from “Wicked” is great fun!

    • Barbara says:

      I agree. Sing, sing, sing! I need to learn some Wicked songs. I love “Defying Gravity” and of course original cast member Idina – who I also love from Rent.

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