Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

Each week, the posts here will be a mash-up of interesting things I’ve found or learned from during the week.   

Writing Wisdom

Got a character holding out on you?  I faced this dilemma while working on a story revision and trying to drill down into my lead female’s psychology.  She wasn’t sharing.  I’ll be using the tip “have the characters interview each other” and others from Jami Gold’s How Do You Deal with Difficult Characters post.

Going along with my focus on revisions this week, Wait! Don’t Kill That Darling! The REAL Skinny on Self-Editing from Samuel Park posted by Anne R. Allen gives 10 great tips for revising the WIP.

In Second Epic Interview with Robin Sullivan (of Ridan Publishing), Andrew Jack uncovers interesting tidbits on e-book pricing, promotion and self-publishing.

Julie Isaac’s Top Ten eBook Articles for Authors This Week 8-11-11 points us to some interesting trends and changes in the industry. 

Social Media Magic

R. C. Lewis shares some publisher sponsored online community sites that allow for work review and developing connections with other writers in Publishers Playing the Social Media Game

What’s So Exciting About Google + – An Overview talks about some tips for getting started with Google + and details cool features to check out.  Mari Smith also explains how it can be used as an additional tool, but not an end-all replacement for other forms of social media.

Fun Finds

I do find merit in the power of positive thinking and just saw this July post, Living Your Intentions – The Power of Living “As If,” from Ian Lawton. Ian shares the story of how a black marker and belief in himself landed his first job and some great life lessons.

For the past year and a half, I’ve set aside Wednesday nights for work with a personal trainer.  One thing I hate that my trainer loves is squats, so Corrie Pikul’s The 90-Degree-Knee Debate: How Low Should We Go? caught my eye as a way to better understand proper technique and maybe spur me on to practicing on my own.

For Is There Really “Chocolate Philosophy,” Jenny Hansen proposes a fascinating question and method I think we all should indulge in. 🙂
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9 Responses to Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

  1. Jami Gold says:

    Thanks for the link. I appreciate it! Hmm, I think I should check out that chocolate philosophy post. Thanks! 🙂

  2. You are welcome Jami! Your tips helped me get past the angry argument I was having with my lead character. Heh, heh…it was getting quite ugly. 🙂

  3. Julie Isaac says:

    Hi, Barbara. Thank you for listing my ebook post in your mash-up. I love the potential that the current ebook revolution holds for writers. There’s plenty of hope on the horizon. And yes, I couldn’t resist. I checked out the chocolate article. Who can resist chocolate, even if it’s just a word in a blog post title. Luckily, the post was yummy.

    Thank you!

  4. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    Love your mash-up style. Keep the great links coming.

  5. Jenny Hansen says:

    Thanks for the link, Barbara! I LOVE your mash-up. 🙂

    Between you and Gene Lempp, I’m gonna be busy. Did you know you both put in Jami’s post?? Since I’d missed it, this just reinforces that I need to read it!

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