Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

Each week, the posts here will be a mash-up of interesting things I’ve found or learned from during the week.

Current (Pop) Culture Chattering

Whee!  This week has been a bounty of bliss for a pop culture addict like me.  Got five minutes to fry some brain cells?  Come along and click the links below.  Think all things celebrity are summoned from the depths of hell?  Then skip (fast) to Wicked Writing Wisdom.  🙂

 Here’s a quick what you may have missed highlight:

Wicked Writing Wisdom

Some of my reading focus in the writing craft arena this week has been on novel writing 101 and revising boot camp.  I’m in the great (scary) place of beginning to develop an idea that I realize will need to be much longer than a short story, which tosses me out of my element (I’m seeing I can’t be a pantser with this).  Any tips/ref books you can share are welcome.  At the same time, I am kicking some tough love at the completed short pieces that need to be revised and then put onto the submissions train.

Be still my heart! I did a little shuffle dance when I saw On Your Mark. Get Set. Go! Writing the First Line of Your Novel. Great timely advice thanks to Janice Hardy.

Check out this fabulous list of 101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips, Part III posted by Suzannah Windsor.  There is a reference tip for everyone and be sure to check out Parts I and II.

In Wealth Creation for Writers, Ruth Harris gives great tips on where to dig for unlimited story ideas (yea tabloids!).  She also mentions using traditional and technology notebooks (e.g., Evernote) as a means for capturing thoughts before they get away.  

Preparing For Success Part 2: Writing is the second part of Jill Kemerer’s three-part series for writers who are moving towards being more publication minded about their work.

Jami Gold asks us Are All Distractions Bad?  The answer is no…read her piece to find out why.

Tuesday Ten: Tips for the Time-Strapped Writer from Cheryl Reif  is great post on time management and creating strategies to create more writing time.

Making Media Magic

What a great round up of tips and sources Jenny Hansen brings with Social Media and Your Author Brand posted on the Writers in the Storm blog.  I’ve added this to my “go to” reference list.

Check out Amber West’s Thursday Tweets – #Hashtaggin’! for some great tips for effective use of hashtags, Tweetiquette and a wicked funny picture of a Sesame Street mob.

In How to Get Your Blog Post on Google’s First Page, Keli Gwyn shares her success story of following the advice of Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media, on the effective use of blog tags.

Speaking of Kristen, she provides great insight and directions on how to expand our reach and network as writers in The Secret to Selling Books Part I–Let’s Get Sticky. In Dr. Twuth–Are Writers Related to Ferrets? ADD and Social Media, she provides more tips on focusing and managing our social media platforms.

Frolicking Fun Finds 

Make sure you aren’t eating or drinking when you read Matthew Inman’s How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You.  Cat lovers will get an eerie “what if” feeling and cat haters will scream “told you so.” 

I thought I’d kicked my newbie addiction until I read Lili Tufel’s Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter.  Raising my hand as guilty for spending way too much time eyeballing trending topics (see pop culture addiction mention above).

5 Friends You Make During the First Week of College (But Never Speak to Again) from Funny or Die is so true.  I can relate too well to both of the dining hall pics.

Horror lovers rejoice!  Catie Rhodes gives us some great background on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre via Leatherface’s House.  Not for the squeamish, prepare to learn about how they decorated the set, the “joy” of the seven days of filming and how the house is used now. 

Planking–It’s Not Just for Pirates Any More, by Piper Bayard, is the story of a crazy creative lady, a blue yoga mat, a dedicated daughter and – planking.  What is planking you ask?  Oh boy, you will soon soon see. 🙂

In Combat Computing: Beware of Kids and Pets! we meet Jenny Hansen’s Baby Girl.  Don’t sleep on this stealth trickster.  She’s got a drive and charm that will sneak up and take down you and whatever you are working on.

Imaginative, Insightful, Inspirational

“Do you make decisions without knowing why?” Linda Burke poses this question in Unconscious Decisions.  I noodled for a bit then nodded with understanding and agreement.  There is a “why” for who and how we are.  Sometimes it takes a little time to find it.

Terrell Mims’ Tuesday Thoughts: Living in the Dash is one of those posts that makes me thankful for the power to change and grow in life.  I “dashed to live” for 16 years with a self-imposed routine cocoon built on caution and safety.  Then I dug out and gave myself permission to slow down and experience versus hide from life.  Here’s to creating rocking epitaphs.   

Have you ever just felt the need for a good old-fashioned tear fest?  Here are Four Reasons to Have a Cry from Jess Ainscough.  Go ahead and release.  I’m wired as a never let’em see you sweat type of gal, but am all for tears in my secret vampire lair. 🙂

With Philanthropy Thursday – Blog McLoving, Jillian Dodd gave the opportunity to both promote our own blogs and shout out someone else.  Stop over and join in.

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14 Responses to Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    OMG, you and Gene are determined to strap me to my computer today with all these fun finds! I can’t wait to dig in. 🙂

    Thanks for the linky love (twice) and now I have got to go read Terrell’s post that had such an impact on you…

    • You are welcome Jenny!

      Heh heh heh. Now that I have a system for organizing my online reading, I’m in heaven. See, I was the psycho kid in English class who loved digging into research and citing sources for papers. 🙂

  2. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    Thanks for listing my blog, but the real thing I want to know is WHAT iS YOUR ORGANIZED system for online reading????? You need to do a post and tell us all how to do that!!

    • Love your blog Jillian in both design and content! The main change I made for organization was putting everything into the same reader. Before, I followed some blogs via the WordPress follow feature, others in Google Reader, others via e-mail and yet others via the Internet Explorer RSS feed page. Way too easy to miss something that way. Now, I put every blog I follow into Google Reader and have folders for different groups. I’ll read other links and blogs throughout the week too, but at least with GR I can keep up with my faves.

  3. Jami Gold says:

    Thank you so much for the link love! You’ve found some great links here. Some I’d already found – and they were fabulous – so I can’t wait to see what these other fabulous ones are too. 🙂

  4. Doralynn says:

    Hello from a fellow campaigner in the thriller/suspense group. You have a lot of great tips and resources here! I feel like I should bookmark this post. I especially love the tip of looking to tabloids for unlimited story ideas – don’t know why I’d never thought of that! What a great idea.

  5. Good morning. I actually read your post on the fly on Saturday. I immediately knew there was alot to absorb link-wise so I came back today, cup of coffee in hand to read, relax and learn. You have great links Barbara! Thanks.

    I’m with Jillian. You need to tell us how you do it.

  6. Naomi Bulger says:

    What an incredible mash-up. I’m dizzy! Definitely a lot of clicking on the cards today!

  7. Hartford says:

    Fantastic list of resources as well. Just when I thought I was getting caught up…lol…I can’t wait to read them all!!

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