For What Do You Give Thanks?

I have a confession — I’ve been snacking on sweet potato pie since Monday and got into some fried turkey and potato salad last night.  The way I see it, if there are things in life to enjoy, why not dive in anytime?  Yes, today is Thanksgiving, and around the country many people, families, friends and turkeys happy to have avoided being served up on a platter will be speaking out words of “thanks.”  But as my WANA711 sister, Diana Murdock shared, why should we give thanks only on Thanksgiving?

Flickr image “Gratitude Journal” by Evelyn Lim

Somewhere along the way, have we lost the art of gratitude?  Isn’t the blessing each day just in waking up?  Having two serious bouts with pneumonia before making it to kindergarten age,  I’m told the doctor said I might die if faced too soon with a third.  I’m blessed to have grown out of that and grateful to no longer fear that I’ll wake up to my own whistle-sounding wheezing.

The opportunities for thanks are all around and Diana is right that they seem to stop once the holidays are past us and store decorations are no longer in sight.  For some it will even end by midnight tonight when they line up to stampede stores and malls for Black Friday.  Each year we hear horror stories of the fights, thefts and other moments of cruelty shoppers wage against each other, and can only ponder if they even grasp the reason for the season. 

In October, I joined others to go without something (gourmet lattes every weekday) to give back.  It was a simple task and one that made me feel good to consciously think about.  While I strive to go through each day saying thanks where it is due, being kind to others and carrying myself as a good citizen, I feel I can do more.  So today, I am thankful for all that I have and wish only continue on with a mindfullness to give more.   

What are you most thankful for this year?

How do you plan to celebrate beyond the holiday season? 

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10 Responses to For What Do You Give Thanks?

  1. The list grows everyday for me as I open my eyes and heart. There is so much to be thankful for if we just look for it. It’s easy to forget when life throws curve balls at us all the time. It has been getting out of control for me, so I went to far as to have it tattooed on my forearm – Grazie, Universo (Thank you, Universe) as a reminder. I look at the words many times throughout the day and it pulls me into the moment, making me stop and think what in that moment I can be grateful for. So, today, I am grateful I am able to work, have incredible friends both online and in the flesh, my health, my boys, a beautiful place to live, with so many opportunities in front of me.

    Thank you, Barbara, for such a great post! Hugs to you my WANA711 sista!

  2. Right on, ladies! Every day is a gift and it starts from there. Kristen mentioned cultivating an attitude of gratitude. What better?

  3. I loved Diana’s post and a few others have got me thinking that yeah, being thankful isn’t just a Turkey Day thing. I’ve decided next year ~ starting on January 1st, I’m going to take a picture every day and post on FB what I’m thankful for. I’m not sure how I’m going to tie that into my blogging, but I’m sure I’ll find a way. I just love the idea of stopping for one moment and remembering what a great life I have.

    Did you read Kristen’s blog on gratitude? Fabulous! She cracked me up, but at the same time really made me look at things in a whole new way. Thankful for laundry? Yep, because it means she has clothes.

    Here’s the link if you missed it:

    Today I’m thankful for airplanes that can bring my baby girl home, if even only for 48 hours. I’ll take whatever time I can get with her!

    • I’m thankful for the airplanes bringing her home to you as well, Tameri! I also love your pic idea. Maybe you can take a picture everyday, but then do a blog post each week to highlight a few faves. However you do it, I know it will be great and heartfelt.

  4. Elena Aitken says:

    So important! I try and give thanks everyday to my husband, my children and the amazing family and friends I have. Everything else I have…bonus.
    Thank you for sharing. And happy holidays to you, Barbara. 🙂

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