Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign

Last week, I spoke in my guest post on Natalie Hartford’s blog about how joining in online writers’ communities helped my coming out at as a writer.  One of those fab communities can be found via participating in Rachael Harrie’s Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign.  We are starting campaign four and will meet other like-minds via joining overall and specific genre writing groups, visiting each other’s blogs and taking part in two challenges. 

This will be my second time participating and I’m psyched to reconnect with some of the campaigners I met last year as well as meet new peeps.  I’m back to party (yes, STILL celebrating my birthday) in the short story, horror and suspense/thriller campaigns.  If you are interested in joining, get cracking since the deadline is today.  🙂

For any visiting Campaigners completely new to my digs, check out the About Barbara page first.  Then wander over to read some random tidbits about me.  Check out some recent posts and introduce yourself.  Catch up on American Idol via some Idol rants.

Now, let’s have some theme music here for the campaign.  “Do You Wanna Funk” just popped into my head.  I can’t explain why.  Blame it on needing a little joy after the sadness of losing yet another music icon this past weekend.  Blame it on this nagging ugh feeling in my head I’ve been unable to kick and waiting for the doctor to figure out why.  Blame it on me still finding ways to party for my birthday and having way too much fun with it this year.  So do you wanna join and/or funk?  Heh.

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22 Responses to Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign

  1. MISH says:

    Hi Barbara – I’m popping in from the Platform-Building Campaign Short Stories Group… and also from the opposite end of the globe!
    I’ve checked out your ‘about page’ and random tidbits. Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. *waves* Hey hey! great to see you again!

  3. Hi Barbara! Good to see you.. you always have great stuff here. 😀

  4. Fantastic news Barbara – woot woot – here’s to having a FAB campaign! I had such a GREAT time with your guest post. I can’t wait to do it again down the road. CHEERS!

  5. Good luck Barbara! I read over on Lesann’s blog that she was taking part in the same platform building campaign. I’m looking forward to learning more about it from your posts. 🙂

  6. Ali Dent says:

    I saw that too Bridgette.
    Barbara, I’m with you, if it weren’t for supportive, helpful friends and a patient supportive community on line, I would not be here for sure either. I hope all goes well.

  7. Fabio Bueno says:

    I’d love to join you this time, Barbara, but my plate is full 😦 I wouldn’t be able to promote the others bloggers as well as they deserve it.
    But thank you so much for sharing this idea with us!

  8. Oh, you know I totally wanna funk! Love this song and now I’m going to be singing it all day long. Awesome!

    Have fun in the campaign. I’m too into edits this time around, but had a blast last campaign. I’ll see you for the next one!

  9. Stopping by from the campaign!! I’m a YA Supernatural Horror writer.

  10. Hi there 🙂

    As part of the Writers Platform Building Campaign I’m tagging you, but please don’t feel obligated to take part ;o)

    You’ll find your listof questions in my blog


    Nice to meet you by the way 😉


  11. Hello Ms. Barbara,

    A fellow blogger and a campaigner!!

    Dropping by to say hello!!

    Hoping to meet you on
    Another Author

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