Rants from American Idol Addict: Queen for a Day Top 6 Review

I started off last week’s review noting that the top 7 (take two) was blah.  Well, the land of meh continued on this week.  Wednesday’s tribute to all things Queen was boring.  They sucked out the verve and spirited life that was Freddie Mercury and sang disconnected ditties.  Then, they moved into personal choice options and the navel staring began. 

The Performances

  • Jessica went for “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  Remember all the past rockers who have ripped into the song?  It has proven to be a hard one to arrange for a short snippet.  And Jessica isn’t a rocker.  This performance was put upon and fake.  I’m beginning to feel abused by her voice.  Here’s your door prize.
  • Skylar said “The Show Must Go On” and it was obvious she had no clue to the poignancy behind the words she sang.  The song was written by Brian May as a testament to Freddie Mercury continuing to forge on and perform in the face of his declining health.  The judges called her screaming “passion.”  Here’s your door prize.
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was Joshua’s bop at being a rocker.  It wasn’t the return of Sam Cooke to me.  It was a forced voice, awkward moment.  I like his voice, but this overwrought style is what turns some people off and starts to get me irritated.  Meh.
  • At least Elise looked a little inspired as she chanted “I Want It All.”  Who thought about commercials the song has been in the whole time?  Bwahahaha.  Meh.
  • Phillip wandered out and sang “Fat-Bottomed Girls,” the audience clapped, and the judges piled on praise.  It lacked happiness and oomph.  Here’s your door prize.
  • In the game of Idol, sending subliminal messages is fair game.  Hollie did just that, singing and pleading her way through “Save Me.”  I liked that she was taking her time and showing her voice on this.  I think she’s connecting to material better.  Problem is, it wasn’t a well-known song choice that would rally folks to vote.  Meh.
  • Glad I’d only had few spoonfuls of spaghetti when Jessica dug out this schmaltz fest.  She dedicated it to her father.  Since I no longer believe anything from Jessica as genuine, I felt that was calculated to pull heartstrings, garner emotion she is unable to provide as she sings, and gain votes.  Call me a jaded Idol watcher, but I’ve seen manipulation play out before on the show.  This came off as messy, self-serving dribble.  Here’s your door prize.
  • What is “Tattoos on This Town”?  Why it’s the next song Skylar sang.  Since her intent was to send this one back to her own town, we could have dimmed the lights and just left her to it.  Meh.
  • Joshua stopped and sang.  No church-hailed vocal inflections.  No screech to screams. Only him, the song “Ready for Love,” and us.  It was masterful and the only performance on Wednesday that made me care.  I’d listen again and again and again.
  • I am a Hendrix fan.  I think he was easily one of our true music geniuses.  Elise was right to go for another throwback rock number because that seems to be where she is comfortable as a singer and where she was able to have a great moment a few weeks back with the Led Zeppelin song.

So what did she choose?  Something from the obscure toy box, “Bold as Love.”  Yeah.  Then she got all self-indulgent artist with it and had her own little hand motion concert carving out (or “stabbing” as Randy put it) the itty bitty pieces of each note.  What the?  You’ve got a great voice, but here’s your door prize for even thinking that was okay to do on Idol.  You motivated no one outside of a diehard fan to vote for that.

  • Phillip came back out and sang “The Stone.”  It is a Dave Matthews Band number.  The judges have compared him to Dave Matthews.  So let’s be lazy and go there with our personal choice.  Meh.
  • Miley Cyrus songs should be banned on Idol because Miley isn’t a great singer, thus her songs are crafted with limited melody and challenge.  I’m also not a Miley fan.  I liked Hollie on her first song far more than what she did with “The Climb.”  The judges didn’t agree and gave her a standing ovation.  Meh.

The Results

  • Some Queen Extravaganza group performs “Somebody to Love.”  I guess this is a group that was handpicked by Queen from some online thingy.  Whatever.  This is so not worthy of taking up five plus minutes of time in front of the massive Idol in-person and viewing audience.  I don’t want to hear a bunch of Freddie Mercury wannabe screechers.  Next.
  • Squee!  Stefano is coming back to sing.  Don’t’ you just want to put him in your pocket?  He won me over during Season 10 when, for the Wildcard round, he sang his heart out on Smokie Norful’s gospel hit “I Need You Now.”  He showed how you sing for your life with that one.

Tonight, well, I can’t say anything good about his new single “I’m On a Roll.”  It is a throwaway dance track and he was flanked by a crew of dancers, two DJs, and with the music and background singing supplied via recording.  Stefano is singing the song with staccato phrasing and has zero swag. About two-thirds in, I started singing along and dancing in my seat just to give him support.  Even with a chorus that becomes slightly catchy when repeatedly banged into your head, this isn’t going anywhere near hitsville.  I wish him well.

  • Katy Perry was the second musical guest and looked mighty awkward attempting to dance.  Also, her military fatigues and poses had nothing to do with the song and felt a bit put on.
  • This week’s bottom three consisted of Elise, Hollie, and Skylar.  Skylar, once again, was the first one sent back to the couch.  I agree with Elise being down there—not based on her singing, but on her performance quality.  She picked material that failed to connect with the viewers and, for the second song, gave us self-indulgent muck.
  • I would have swapped out Hollie for Jessica or Phillip because both are riding on a wave of continuous overblown praise that I’m sure boosts some to vote for them.  I liked Hollie’s first song far better than her second, but she’s struggling on pulling herself up from several bad song choices and performance weeks.
  • Going home was resident doomsday predictor Elise.  Did she ever have a true shot at winning it all?  Nope.  Should she have gone this week?  No.  Jessica is who we should have lost.
Image source: American Idol

Did Queen week rock you?  What theme week would you love to see?  Are you ready to just crown a winner? 

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11 Responses to Rants from American Idol Addict: Queen for a Day Top 6 Review

  1. You totally crack me up. How can they make Queen boring? There were more ‘Mehs’ in there than on an internet meme! Those kids need to be whipped into shape. Seriously. Thanks for the groovy recap. I love reading what you think of the show, even though I don’t watch it I still love it!

    • Ha, ha, ha, Tameri. I asked myself the same thing for the whole first hour on Wednesday. It is Queen yet they sang without hunger and raw energy. It is like everyone voted that playing it safe is the way to win. And safe is boring.

  2. I watched the performances and missed the elimination but I have you, now that i’m hooked LOL

    Elise has never been a top contender in my opinion, so it’s no surprise she’s gone. interesting to me how often Randy refers to ‘the voice’. I sense some fear about the new competition on the block.

    • Oh yes, Louise, Idol is definitely feeling the ratings pressure from “The Voice.” Idol can still claim being the performance show with the most success stories (both from winners and other finalists), but their rating have tumbled a bit. I also think Idol’s judges are out of touch. I love Steven as a performer, but even he raves about stuff that is unworthy.

      Giggling that you are now hooked. Heh, heh. Glad you are watching. They really do have some talented people this season and I keep hoping they will stop being safe and break out some outstanding performances. Like I think Elise will be great if she can carve out a corner for herself with a band. When she’s in her element, she is fun to watch and hear. As a pop star singer, she was not a contender.

      • i have no idea what Steven brings to the show. he’s always positive. and that becomes cloying and useless to listen to. And I’m really tired of Jennifer’s little girl act. grow up already. you’re not a teenager. and randy? Hmm what does he do outside of idol?

        What i like about the voice is the range of genres in the performers. what don’t i like? Christine A. quit showing off your boobs girlfriend and start acting like a woman instead of a tramp.

      • Louise, you hit it right with J-Lo! The cutie thing is beyond old. Be a self-assured woman. And Christina A. has quickly grown out of favor with me. She’s become so bitter, negative and desperate acting. I love how more of The Voice’s contestants know who they are as artists. And they are good too. Hearts for Adam Levine. 🙂

      • I’m a country fan, so new to Adam but have really come to appreciate his talent and his looks. cee lo…hmm not sure about him. and blake is just an Okie…or my vision of one.

  3. S. J. Maylee says:

    Stefano, what a cutie pie 🙂 he’s so stinkin cute I just smile, even if the performance or song wasn’t all that, it was what it was
    Ok, it’s time for me to start rooting for someone…I don’t know, maybe I’ll wait another week
    But, I agree with the end result this week, well her or Phil could have gone. I would have been bummed out if Hollie would have gone home this week. Thanks for another great rant.

    • Oh yes, SJ, Stefano is so so cute. I hope he can find a spot that works for him in the industry. Too bad he’s a little too old for a boy band.

      I don’t know who to root for either. I really like Joshua and Hollie’s voices, yet they can go bad when not picking the right song or veering too far into their heads when they sing. I don’t want to hear a fallback to gospel stylings on every song Joshua sings and I worry that Hollie will get lost and go off-pitch. I wanted to root for Jessica early on, but now feel manipulated by her. Can’t connect to Skylar or Phillip.

  4. Love your Idol rants and couldn’t agree with you more on Jessica. I was screaming at Elise to do something that would sit well with the viewers (even though we all knew she’d never win) but alas, she did her thing and was sent packing. I am with you, I’d have rather seen Jessica go. Great voice but I just feel like she’s totally fake and lacks sincerity. When she dedicated the song to her Dad, I nearly puked…it felt like SUCH a play?!?!?! Even though Hollie isn’t nearly as accomplished a singer, I “like” her more…
    We’ll see this week! 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m still over Jessica, Natalie. I was amazed by her voice in the beginning and it is like she’s bought into her own hype now. Or maybe we are just seeing the limits of her age and experience. And yep, Hollie is far more likable. I get her nervousness and when she goes in her head. I root for her even as she starts bottoming out and going off-pitch. I know what she’s capable of and want her to let go and just sing. Even Skylar and Elise feel approachable.

      I think Elise should have lasted beyond several that are still there, but the shows format did her no favors and her attitude from the first top 13 week dinged her and stayed in viewers’ minds. I wonder why she didn’t go for a show like “The Voice” instead versus such a image and youth focused one like Idol.

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