I HEART Yellow Springs, Ohio!

Credit: Google images from groundwaterscience.com

For the past two years, I’ve had the absolute opportunity and pleasure to attend the Antioch Writers’ Conference in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  When venturing down the first year, I felt like Columbus claiming credit for a first discovery of an already inhabited land.  I’d heard of the town and the hippie vibe of Antioch College, but never visited.

Credit: BrotherBearCoffee.com

Oh the joy!  Oh the serenity!  Oh the nice people!  Being there it is easy to lose track of time and the days.  Nothing is rushed.  The shop owners post hours and sometimes they are there when they start, sometimes they are not–and it is fine.  You just stop back by later.  My fave places to visit are Brother Bear’s Coffee and Cafe (every day), the Winds (extraordinary food), Current Cuisine (fabulous quick, healthy homemade food) and Urban Handmade (way cool stuff).   

Credit: Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce

Here’s a link to a post I found on Ifelicious Thoughts’ blog  about it being named one of America’s Coolest Small Towns.

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