90-Day Challenge Part 2 -The Epitome of Evil Thy Name is Milk Duds


The first official weigh-in, for the halfway point of my gym’s contest, is next Saturday.  I could tell you how great my August was…with the survival of my Pilates reformer class, weekly strength training sessions with a trainer and completion of an intro spinning class.  Unofficially, I think I’ve lost 5 more pounds, which is just shy of my goal for the month (not enough cardio), but I feel toned and great.  Instead I shall tell you about the nibbly bits, the milk chocolate carmel crack rocks that spoke to me in a Wal-Mart on Thursday. I went in for water filters (they didn’t have my brand) and came out with an InStyle magazine and these little buggers. 

As Pookie said in New Jack City, “that s&it just be callin’ me man, it be callin’ me, man.”

Now, I figured out a few years ago that I have no willpower in the face of brownies.  I don’t even lie to myself anymore with the thought that, after baking some, they’ll make it past a few days.  Logic would say that someone with migraines quick triggered by too much chocolate would stop after one.  Nope.  Add Godiva chocolates to the nutty binge list as well.  And now, Milk Duds. 

The smallest size available for individual purchase seems to be the box pictured above (the little snack size boxes of 5 only come in the Halloween candy styled mix bags).  The whole box has 21 “bite size” grams of frisky fat.  Yes, I even read the label to know what I was dealing with.  As my fingers wrapped around the rectangle box, I told myself that I’d go back to work and just have 13 pieces and save the rest for other days.  I counted out those 13 pieces into a coffee cup and munched away, leaving the remainder in my purse.

They just be callin’ me.  Those left didn’t make it to another morning.     

My next round of Pilates classes started today and I’ll do at least 30 min. of cardio as well.  So my August was great and my September has started with a slight hiccup.  Nothing that 60 more days (and no more Milk Duds) can’t fix.

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