Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes (Fun with Gavin Rossdale)

The week started off a bit slow and I was wondering what I’d have to ramble about come Friday.  Whew.  Fear not, there is always a trace of hot mess just waiting to bubble up somewhere.

Megachurch Subject of Sexual Harassment Suit – The church is saying the employee didn’t report the harassment in a timely fashion while she’s saying she was scared to because of their practice of not following policies when it came to certain individuals.  Who hasn’t worked somewhere where you see the “privileged” few act like the worst preschoolers on the block, but never face any consequences?  Maybe the protected are there due to nepotism, boinking the boss or just are long-timers who know where all the bodies are buried.  Somehow, they’ve become a company pet and too bad on you when they raise their leg and squirt.  The fact that this suit is coming against old Bishop Eddie’s domain isn’t lost on me.  His accusers said that folks in leadership knew what was happening to them and said/did nothing.  Could be endemic of the org as a whole, especially if some of those involved on the harassment side knew about Eddie’s private business.  Seems like the mess of New Birth has some traction and continues on.

Hospital Drill-Bit Piece Accidentally Left in Patient’s Head The surgeon and team are suspended.  You think?  Yikes.

Dane Cook’s Half Brother Jailed for Embezzling Millions from Actor – “At one point, McCauley wrote out a check for $3 million to himself from Cook’s account.”  Wow.  That’s deep stuff.  Not sure how close these two were growing up and throughout life, but obviously there was enough of a trust bond that allowed for Dane to put his brother in charge as business manager.  The O’Jays had it right when they sang, “for the love of money…”

Gavin Rossdale Admits to Gay Fling with Singer Marilyn – And according to Marilyn, Gavin’s admission now isn’t even accurate as he attempts to pass off their five year relationship as a one-time fling.  Now here is my beef.  When this previously hit the air a la Boy George’s book, Mr. Gavin denied the claims (his statement: “I wasn’t dating Marilyn”).  I don’t have an issue with anyone being who they were born to be.  And I don’t think anyone who is gay should be forced to come out and scream it either.  I mean, do you see stars on the cover of People with a headline saying, “I’m straight”?  But I am beyond over with the folks declaring stuff isn’t true to only “come clean” later on.  You know what?  Don’t want to fess up?  Then just say nothing.  There is a level of class in that.  What, class I say?  Yeah, that is failing of many in the new millennium.

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