Readers’ Picks

I started my blog towards the end of July and have learned so much already along the journey.  I’ve also started to meet some great bloggers and readers along the way.  As I move along, I wanted to create a central place where new readers can quickly link back to some previous topics.  So, below I will keep an updated track of the top 10 posts from my blog (ranked in order of traffic):

  1. The Beauty of Change
  2. On the Way to 2011: Embracing My Writing Life
  3. A Part of One Whole – Remembering September 11, 2001
  4. 7 Things Not to Do While Driving
  5. Inspiration Strikes! 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workshop
  6. A Case for  Vampires and Zombies
  7. Success and Self
  8. 90-Day Challenge Part 2 – The Epitome of Evil Thy Name is Milk Duds
  9. Dating in the Dark – Really?
  10. Why I Never Liked LeBron
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