Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes (A Bunch of Privileged People)

John Tyner and His “Junk” Next Level – You can read my take on his antics here.  I know there is a whole side of arguments against the invasive nature of both the full-body scan and pat-down search methods, with Captain Sully (of miracle Hudson landing fame) even noting airline crew should be exempt. 

With much respect for the captain, I can’t go that far.  Because of the “rigorous screening process” airline staff go through for employment purposes, they should be allowed to skip one of the first lines of security?  Ah, not drinking that tea over here.  If pilots can get drunk and still think it is okay to fly or a flight attendant can kirk-out one day and safety chute his way to freedom, then what says someone won’t cross to the dark side to consider harming the plane and those aboard it?  When did we turn the corner and become a society breeding folks thinking they deserve an exception to rules? 

Another Cheating Basketball Player?  Nah. – Dear Tony Parker, it is one thing to cheat on your wife (again).  It is another to do it (allegedly) with an ex-teammate’s wife.  Tacky.  Isn’t there a man-law somewhere about kicking it with friends’ exes?  Even as an ex-teammate, the other guy has to be pissed.

Okay, seriously, raise your hand if you really are surprised at the demise of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s marriage.  I thought the thing would implode about a year in when the first scandal of him cheating broke.  The “tell” is always when a celeb duo join forces to fight or even sue a publication for printing the allegations.  Like they think their powerful might will make the scandal go away.  I’ve got my eye now on Ashton and Demi as they are the ones now protesting too much. 

Demi Lovato Will Spend Thanksgiving with Family – Now she’s not being let out of emotional rehab, but reports say they’ll come to her to provide support.  That’s good for all involved.  I mean, I’ve heard that the holidays are a high-statistic stress time for heightened emotions and violent outburst.  Who wants to be sitting at the table with Demi mistakenly thinking someone ratted her out for taking another piece of pie, then wilding out hurling cranberries and stuffing pieces?  I’m just saying…

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2 Responses to Friday Fallout: My Take on This Week’s Funky Messes (A Bunch of Privileged People)

  1. Hartford says:

    Love this – laughed outloud reading (much needed I might add)! I agree 100% that all airport staff including attendants and pilots should undergo the same rigorous screening as the rest of us. There is no room for “exceptions” when you are talking about the public safety.

    • Barbara says:

      Glad to make you chuckle Natalie! 🙂 I just shake my head at some of the madness. I also wonder where my young liberal self has gone because that me would be willing to rally against the TSA policies. Me now? Nope. It is not a “right” to fly, it is a privilege so get frisked and keep it moving.

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