5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Week

In no particular order:

Seeing one of my best friends I’ve known since 2nd grade
I used to say that between the two of us, we were our own Jerry Springer episodes…from stuff we’d done ourselves or things we knew others did. Endless episodes and stories to tell. Yeah, you didn’t think I’d actually be sharing any here, did you?

Getting more time done on the NaHoCleMo challenge front
I got a good piece done on the summer to winter clothes swap this am by waking up earlier and not letting my focus get off on other items. I’ll be tackling the rolling table clean and moving the bookshelf in later today.

Finishing one novel and starting another
Since figuring out the multitasking aspect I could use while riding the recumbent bike, I’ve found new time for reading. I’ve had to shift from treadmill and elliptical time to the bike due to my neck injury. I hated the bike at first, but now see the great opportunity to get the reading in without distraction. Just program the bike for 60 minutes of fat burning cardio, sweat when the hill parts makes the pedaling tough and read, read, read.

Short work week

Living my life
For 2010, I’ve been in a forward moving, change pattern for my life. I felt that momentum kick in when I committed a focus on my physical health and again this summer when I found the love and passion again for my writing. I’ve also had a number of unexpected things happen this year, but such is life. So this week I’m just continuing on the gratitude of still being above ground and doing what I do.

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3 Responses to 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Week

  1. Moniba says:

    Guess what I have, to look forward to, this week? Homework, more of it, and even more. And then test prep… and then some awesome time with my best friends 🙂 Yeah, i’m a grumbler 😛

  2. Barbara says:

    Some of the homework never thrilled me either. Seemed like it had no application to what I was going to do in life. I guess the whole point is to teach some level of discipline. Now time with friends is priceless. Enjoy! 🙂

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