Rants from an Idol Addict: Thank You Voters!

I said, “Paul or Haley should go. Please Paul. Bottom based on singing is Paul, Haley and Jacob (gasp).”

Well I’m a happy little duck over here!  Paul is gone, gone, gone, gone.  And my Stefano is safe.  I’m sure I’m one of Stefano’s few fans.  I promised earlier today that I’d start voting for him if he makes through, so I’m flexing my fingers now.

Other thoughts:


  • Oh Rihanna, thy new name is Raggedy Ann.
  • Funny to have star “singers” show up to perform who are worse than the contestants.  Well, worse that all except Paul.
  • Good job Kelly Clarkson.  I wasn’t a fan during Season One (my votes went to Tamyra Gray).  She won me over a little tonight with the duet even though it was country ditty.  That’s impressive.
  • Speaking of duets and group numbers, we get a repeat of that from the contestants this week.  The Lauren and Scotty country duet pairing is going to get old real quick. 
  • I liked the guy quartet doing the medley of Simon and Garfunkel songs, though I note that Paul and Jacob are not as skilled at blending in.
  • Haley further attempted to class-up her limited clothing ensemble.  I will give her points for wearing items that are figure flattering. 
  • Which brings me to poor Lauren.  The stylists must be hazing her.  They dressed her in a bright yellow outfit that bloused around her adding a false sense of weight. 

Flickr Raggedy Ann image by Aunt Owwee and Rihanna image from sixmill.com

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