Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

The links are a little late, but the happy spirit carries on!  I hope you had a chance to enjoy the dance break–and even join in.  🙂  Also,  make sure you stop back tomorrow for a surprise Melodic Monday treat.

The posts here are a mash-up of interesting things I’ve found or learned from during the preceding week. This could be material from blog posts, articles, video clips, etc.  

Current (Pop) Culture Chattering

Wicked Writing Wisdom

Don’t Eat the Butt–Lies that Can Poison Our Writing Career #1, by Kristen Lamb, is a must read.  I know for me, it was false perceptions I had of what made a “writer” and a devaluing of the work I’d done.  Let’s all let go of the mental baggage and thrive! 

And while you are thriving, hike back and check out Kristen’s What Star Wars “A New Hope” Can Teach Us About In Medias Res.  Great explanation as well as examples of how to utilize.

Ali Luke’s How to Overcome Three Common Causes of Writing Procrastination – Today shares some concrete next steps to get to the writing.  Planning specific time to write, working on prioritizing projects and using a timer have been huge changes for me as I started the new year. 

How to Make Sense of Critiques, from Gabriela Pereira at DIYMFA, will help me with final editing a few short stories that have been languishing in a folder.  Some of the feedback from workshops conflicted and this process will help to flesh through the information as a whole. 

Chuck Wendig’s How to Self-Publish So it Benefits Readers is great advice on taking self-publishing to the next level so it is a win-win for both authors and readers.

In The Line Forms Where? Knowing Where to Start Your Novel, Janice Hardy provides more tips for success in determining if you’ve started your story at the right moment.

Making Media Magic

In Here There Be Blog Trolls–How to Spot Them & What To Do, Kristen provides tips for handling the emotionally amped up, no home training having critters that might wander into your blog world.  No, she doesn’t authorize using a taser.  

Guest Blogging Etiquette 101 is a reposted piece by Roni Loren, but one I missed first time around.  Since I’m a newbie to guest blogging (but not for long 🙂 ), the tips here are timely and helpful for both being a good host and guest writer.

I have one word for you: Triberr.  My friend, Jillian Dodd, recently sang the praises of it to our WANA711 group.  I then did some research and got myself all techie-twisted and confused.  Jenny Hansen has saved the day with My New Time-Saving Social Media BFF: Triberr.  This is the start of a multi-part post from her on the subject so make sure you read them all.

Kristin Nador has a great series on improving blogging habits and Sharpen Your Blogging Habits: 7 Keys To Blogging On A Consistent Basis is the second entry.  Shout out to my blogging buddy, Natalie Hartford, for making sure I didn’t miss this post.  🙂    

Frolicking Fun Finds

Tiffany White’s blog is a go-to of mine for updates and reviews of new dramas hitting TV.  Tele-Tuesday: New Year, New Drama cemented my excitement to watch The Firm and I’m glad I did.  She also covers Alcatraz and The Finder.

While I’m a member of Goodreads, I have not posted many book reviews because I hesitate on knowing how to provide a review without littering  it with spoilers.  Azure Boone’s How To Do A Book Review (for dummies) drills down to the essence of what a review should provide for readers.

Imaginative, Insightful, Inspirational

While Corrie Pikul’s article, The Insomniac’s 3 A.M. Yoga Routine, is a little older, I found it yesterday after returning from an awesome restorative yoga class.  We did almost all of the poses listed, and the stretching and relaxation they provide is AMAZING.   

I know many of us have stated goals to read more in 2012.  Check out Kate MacNicol’s post How Many Books? The Reading Challenge.  She shares about the time travel reading challenge she’s participating in and provides links to challenges for several other genres.   

Amber West’s story of “adjustments” faced on a trip to Mexico is both inspiring and funny.  Friday Inspiration – Get Uncomfortable is a reminder of the beauty we can find if we push outside of regular routine.

“You must pick yourself.”  Let that simmer for a moment.  Okay, now go read Jeff Goins’ Stop Waiting to Be Picked to find out why.

I’d love to hear from you!  Were there any other posts this week that inspired you, provided some new writing insights or just made you giggle? 

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9 Responses to Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

  1. Amber West says:

    Thanks for including me!

    I have to say, the possible FOX cancellations make sense. I adore House, but it has had a solid run. Same goes for Fringe. Terra Nova – I am mixed. I would like to see where they take the story, but man, that is one expensive show. (Could they skip a dinosaur in the next episode and pay off my house instead?)

    • I’m still giggling about the rooster, Amber! I hear you on Terra Nova. It has a production size like a movie. Not sure how they thought that would pay off for a weekly show. I watched the first few episodes, but then wandered off. Maybe the “ooo ahh” factor wasn’t there since we did so many dinosaurs with Jurassic Park (and sequels).

      • Regarding the pending Fox cancellations – House has had a great run, and they’re doing the best they can with the loss of Cuddy this year. As long as the writers and creators have the chance to wrap up the series, I say let they go. But Fox isn’t always known for giving their shows any sort of heads-up, and that is one reason why they are my least favorite network. *think Tru Calling, Firefly, Fast Lane, Doll House, etc*

        Fringe, I do enjoy; but Fox moved them into an impossible time slot – Friday night at 8pm CST. I think the network was trying to kill it. AND it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the plan. The first few episodes this year really upset me (the ones without Peter). He’s back now, I just don’t know how much longer the story can keep up.

        Now to Terra Nova – I was following a few of the ladies attending the upcoming TV announcements in California this past week, and even the FOX executives stated that Terra Nova made money, made the network money, and people were watching. As to my previous statements about the network, I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Terra Nova the axe – but what does that leave for Fox? Bones? The upcoming Alcatraz? And all the silly reality TV on that network.

        Can you tell I’m not a fan of Fox? LOL

        Now, don’t get me wrong – I still watch some of the programs; but I even waited to watch 24 until it was in its 3rd season to make sure it was going to last before I invested time and effort….

  2. Wow! What a great list of linky love. You’ve been busy this week! I want to know more about this Beyonce and Jay-Z thing… hmmm, crazy name for a baby. What is it with these stars? Didn’t they learn anything from Moon Unit and Dweezil?

    • Tee-hee! I’ve gotten a grip back on my Google Reader organization, Tameri. Folders are my friend. The news re: the Beyonce baby is nuts. I did a search and read all kinds of mounds of craziness. I wonder if people believe their own crazy stories.

  3. Thanks so much for including my Tele-Tuesday blog, Barbara! What a great list of posts to check out. 🙂

    • You are welcome, Tiffany! Love your insight re: FOX. Sounds like they are running around on a hamster wheel of inefficiencies and crazy land. If Terra Nova is making money, why shoot at it? Ditto for what they’ve done with Fringe. Tons of effort only to kill off their own opportunities. And, though my addiction to performance reality shows lingers on, you have a point. They should not be sacrificing giving time and space to quality dramas. There is room for both.

  4. Thanks Barbara for the blog love. I’ve been out of town and it was nice to come home and see I was part of your mash-up. Loved the Soul Train video from your last post!

    In your other news, House has been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed Fringe but for some reason Terra Nova didn’t trip my trigger and I lost track of what was going on.

    I’m going to have some reading to do catching up with all the other great links you provided!

    • I loved the organization of the challenges you shared, Kate! While I’m not going to dive into a challenge right now, I will definitely keep them in mind for the future. Fantastic way to dig into the TBR pile.

      Yes, I wanted to get into Terra Nova so bad, but they lost me by episode three. Shows like that are hard–where understanding the storyline is dependent on you seeing every episode.

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