Rants from an American Idol Addict – Rocking the Start of Season 11

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As I started off my first Idol post last year, I must confess that I am an American Idol addict.  *waves to those of you I see also back for more*  It’s okay for you to wave back.  There is no judgment here in the circle.  Scoot in close and pass the brownies. 

I’ve been watching Idol from the first strains of the theme song to the crowning of Scotty McCreery as the Season 10 winner.  If there is an Idol special, I’m there.  A contestant coming back to perform their latest single?  I’m listening—and wondering why more of the finalists (and even winners) can’t catch a break and get some better material.

While last season, I didn’t start my posts until the Top 24 round, I’ve been squirming around so much waiting for the January 18 kickoff that I can’t wait.  In fact, when my trainer texted last night and said we could start our session early, I was like “oh yeah, ‘cause then I’ll get home earlier to change clothes and eat and be ready for Idol.”  Priorities, right?

So in these initial posts, I’m going share some overall thoughts about the season’s start, any changes that I see and highlight a few “ones I’ll watch” that catch my eye.  I am hoping this season gives us some stepped up talent we can connect to.  “Connect to” being the key phrase since we had a higher level of semi-finalists and finalists that could sing last year, but several were found to be robots beneath skin layer.  Since we are starting off doing two audition shows a week, I may point out any star contestants from the second night the following week.

My thoughts:

  • I am so not going to fall for the “banana in the tailpipe” this season and buy into all of the look here contestants Idol shows me.  The first contestant, David Leathers, Jr. aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl (seriously calls himself that), feels like one of those to me.  He said he is 17, looks all of 12 and sings reminiscent to Michael Jackson as a child.  The judges then fawn over him and have him sing a second selection of—you guessed it—a Jackson 5 song.  Can he carry a tune?  Yes.  Is it all that special?  Nope. 
  • I mean it, Idol producers.  I’m not going to get all wrapped up in someone and their story that I’m hunting for them and heartbroken when they don’t make it past the initial Hollywood rounds. *licking my wounds from previous seasons*
  • There are a good number of younger contestants already being shown.  Nothing against young talent.  I just wish the judges would fawn over those that really stand out versus people who have the talent to be standouts in their high school’s musical theater departments, but sound like guppies when compared to the recording world.  Scotty, as much as his one-trick pony act irritated me, had a standout voice.
  • Steven Tyler is up to his usual tricks of inappropriate comments to the teen girls.  My fave of the night is when he tells 15-year-old Shannon Magrane’s father, who has come into the audition room, that the weather is hot like his daughter.  Heh, heh, heh.  Oh, Steven.  I hope this year that spark doesn’t die down.  To me, he seemed a bit bored during last year’s finals.
  • Steven is dapper in a dark pink, paisley shirt, matching hat and black vest.  It is an outfit that I would have sported back in the day during my artsy theater period.  Not sure what that says about either of us.
  • I actually like Schyler Dixon better than her brother Colton.  He sounded a bit nasal strain to me and not as unique.  The judges though fawn over Colton and make him audition this year, though he hadn’t planned to.

Ones I’ll watch:

  • Gabi Carrubba – She went second and I liked her far better than David.  She sang Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” and I loved her tone.  She’s young though and I’m not sure how much performance or competition background she’s had.
  • Shannon Magrane – I’ll have to hear more from her, but think she has potential.
  • Amy Brumfield – Due to economic circumstances, she lives in a tent in the woods with her boyfriend.  Check for interesting back story.  Her voice has a soulful, raspy quality to it that I like. Unfortunately, TMZ has already dirt-smacked her by broadcasting a history of arrests.
  • The Dixon sibs – Only because I think Idol will play out some drama when Colton makes it further again and maybe even into the semi-finals (he almost made the top 24 last year).
  • Phillip Phillips – Fascinating voice and plays guitar, but I’m not sure that I like him.  He was the last contestant and I was getting sleepy, so I will watch the audition again.

As a bonus, here is a fun article on transformations of some Idol standouts.  Squee!  They included Justin Guarini.  Hey, I’ve stated before I’m a sucker for guys who can sing.  Cute guys that can sing?  I’m done.  Just peel me up off the floor.  Or keep me from diving at them.

So fellow Idol addicts, what are your initial thoughts after our night in Savannah?  Are there any faves that stood out for you yet? 

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11 Responses to Rants from an American Idol Addict – Rocking the Start of Season 11

  1. Love this! I can only watch Idol during the auditions. I don’t know why, but when people get on stage and sing, I tune out. Even on AGT, when there were singers, I had to fast forward. I also don’t like to go to concerts anymore. I’m a freak, I know.

    You are hilarious, though and I’ll be reading your recaps to keep up with the fun. I love your priorities! Get me home earlier to watch Idol, oh, yeah. You know what’s what!

    • Fascinating, Tameri! I wonder what it is about them soloing on the stage that turns you off. Over the years, I’ve learned to tune out a lot too on Idol too. I’ll be working on something else and waiting for a voice to make me look up. Especially during the audition rounds where they are handing out golden tickets like candy and telling so many how fantastic they are. Well, I’m glad you are coming along for the Idol Rant ride. Whee! 🙂

  2. I used to watch Idol religiously, but now….that Idol time escapes me. But, now I have it in Reader’s Digest format from you! And you being the dance queen, rock superstar that you are, I can rely on you to tell it like it is! Thank you, Barbara, for this!!! I so look forward to following you!

    • I hear you, Diana. Sometimes I’ll record a session so I can fast forward through parts. Mostly I–heh heh–multitask and am reading or writing something when it is on. Since there isn’t a storyline, I don’t have to worry about missing a key plot point. Glad you will be joining in for the fun!

  3. I actually watched the Idol premiere, mostly because I wanted something to keep me awake while I read. Hehe. I liked The Voice better, and am eager for that one to return.

    • Heh. I love how you use it for background noise, Angela. I loved The Voice far better than Idol’s last season. I think some of the days might overlap once it starts. I’m team Adam. Love him.

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