Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

If you didn’t get a chance, I hope you swing by and check out my first guest blogger post over at David N. Walker’s digs.  His blog is a selection of awesomeness so after you visit, make sure you subscribe.  🙂

The posts here are a mash-up of interesting things I’ve found or learned from during the preceding week. This could be material from blog posts, articles, video clips, etc.  

Current (Pop) Culture Chattering

  • We’ve lost a great one with the passing of Etta James.  What a rich life filled with soaring triumphs and tragedies.  May her music forever live on.
  • I’m so hoping this rumor isn’t true, but Heidi Klum and Seal might be on the brink of divorce.  They seemed like a pair that might beat the odds.
  • Ditto for Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.  Though if he’s now available…
  • Some fascinating follow-up from the SOPA bill.  That there is even a whiff that people would pull their monetary support over the President’s lack of support for the bill is fascinating.  For anyone wondering who would win if the bills come through, this is a follow-the-money-and-see-where-it lands you scenario for me.
  • Mark Wahlberg experienced a touch of backlash after he twisted his on-screen action hero world into projected real life heroics regarding the 9/11 hijackings.

Wicked Writing Wisdom

Julie Anne Lindsey gives us some great career-building tips with 7 Suggestions. Gain Experience. Get Attention.

As part of my ROW80 goals, I’ve been watching a lot more movies, so Jody Hedlund’s How to Make Your Book Play Out Like a Movie is great in translating the tips on story structure to be found in them.

Jodie Renner’s Show Those Feelings — and Reactions is a great reminder about writing characters who are emotional connected and relatable for readers.

With Eliminating Echos in Our Writing, Elizabeth Craig details the hazard of echos (repeated words or similar words) in manuscripts and tips on how to find them.

Making Media Magic

Jenny Hansen continues her Triberr series of awesomeness with Part 2: How Do I Splash In The Triberr Kiddie Pool?

Kristen Lamb’s The Road to Success Part Two–Understanding the Why Behind the Buy shows us the motivation of why people buy in on authors and then buy their books.  It is about connection versus a social media spam train.

Joe Konrath is great at telling it like it is regarding his experiences with both legacy and self-publishing.  In The Myth of a Bestseller, he pulls the curtain back on what publishing success means in our new digital world.  

Cheryl Reif asks a great question with Blog Topics: Original or Commonplace.

Jami Gold gives us food for thought on connections and the varying and unpredictable ways information is now being received with What’s the Power of Your Network.

While the title How to Remove the OCD from Your Blogging made me giggle, Krissy Brady’s tips for blog writing efficiency are great.

Frolicking Fun Finds

Roni Loren kicked off my week with her Boyfriend of the Week: Johnny Depp post.  He’s a great actor (and hot).  He’s a dedicated father (and hot).  By all appearances, he’s a connected and good citizen in the world (and hot).  Over the years, I’ve been a huge fan of his scruffy version (quite hot).  🙂 

“It’s a small world after all.  It’s a small world after all.”  Oh sorry, I was just flashing back with Tameri Etherton on all things Disney in Disney Discoveries ~ The Gallery on Main Street.

Don’t be afraid to get cozy under a blanket, turn off the lights and check out the 21 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century.

I must say, I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like… even the ones that hissed at and hit me.  Carrie Spencer, another lover of all things cat-related, breaks down another part of their world with Cat Communication – Tails, Teeth and MEOW! – The Crazy Cat Lady Speaks Kitteh.

Virginia Ripple brings us more kittens in How to Start the New Year – Kitten-style and a great reflection of how the excitement of a new year can wind down.

Imaginative, Insightful, Inspirational

5 Lessons from MLK on Living, Leading, & Communicating from Jeff Goins is a great tribute to Dr. King and highlight of some important messages to be learned from his legacy. 

Kristin Nador tells us, If you don’t believe in yourself no one will.”  Read on to find out Why Writing Contests Are a Win-Win.

With Life as a Conscious Practice, by Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, we are reminded that being mindful is a choice.

Pause for a moment and enjoy going Around the World in 5 Minutes with Rachelle Gardner.

The beauty of reading blogs is when you find a gem that stops and touches your heart in both the courage it took to write and the honesty of emotion and experience it displays.  August McLaughlin’s post, Does Dirt Have Calories? – My Story, does just that. 

I’d love to hear from you!  Were there any other posts this week that inspired you, provided some new writing insights or just made you giggle? 

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16 Responses to Sharing is Caring: My Weekly Finds

  1. Jami Gold says:

    Great round up of links, Barbara! Thanks for including me. 🙂 I think I might crash my browser (again) after opening up all those tabs. LOL!

    And I didn’t comment over at David’s blog, but I enjoyed your guest post. I think when bad things happen, we go through a grieving process for whatever was lost, and it takes time to come out stronger on the other end. Just as there’s no one “right” way to grieve after death, there’s no one “right” way to deal with major setbacks. *hugs* I know you’re strong. 🙂

    • Oh, Jami, thanks so much for your comments! You are so sweet. *accepting the hug* I’ve learned so much this past year about differnt types of grief, patience and strength.

      Glad to include your networking piece. Funny, I freeze my laptop too with tons of open tabs. 🙂

  2. Great line-up Barbara!!!

  3. Your lovely words gave chills, Barbara! As did your comment on my blog. Thanks for including me in this fabulous mashup.

    • Honored to include you, August. Your struggle, recovery story and sharing with others will bring peace and understanding for those on the outside looking in. It will also hopefully reach out and be a light for those who might be currently struggling.

  4. Whoo! That is some amazing list you’ve got there! And not just because I’m on it (thank you, thank you, thank you!). Like Jami, I might crash my browser with all these open links I need to check out. I’m always amazed at how you find such great stuff. Thanks again for the mention and have a great week!

  5. Thanks for including me in such a terrific list–especially because it led me to your blog, which I’m enjoying very much. Nice to meet you!

  6. Hey, thanks for including me in your list. I’ll be checking out the others… as soon as I get my “butt in chair” stuff done. 😀 It’ll make for great break time reading. Thanks again.

  7. Oh, you always have the best links, Barbara. This is awesome and will keep me busy reading for a while 🙂 Thank you.

  8. Ditto what Angela OP said – great, great links. I think I get around the blogosphere and then I visit you and Natalie and realize – nope. Not really!

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