Rants from an American Idol Addict – The Auditions Roll On

Strap on your bootstraps!  We’ve whizzed through four cities since last week’s Idol Rants and I need therapy for some of the awfulness seen. 

I mean, Magic Cyclops.  Really?  REALLY?  That is 10 minutes that would have been so better spent showing us some real performers in Aspen.  I’m all for a few whacked out auditions that are funny.  Cue the pants on the ground man from a few seasons back.  But this was a weird bordering on crazy person.

  • The judges are smoking hallucinogens real early again this season because they are raving with love about many contestants that I sing as well as or better than.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m neither slamming myself or excessively bragging.  My background consists of stints in a women’s choir, acappella choir, gospel choir and several musical theater performances until my mid-20s (the majority of which were via audition).  I had a pretty first soprano tone back in the day. 

That said, when I think of someone rocking Idol to the win, I want to see someone who can blow better than me.  Take Jordan Sparks.  I can so take her on the dancing front, but I’d be served in a sing-off.  Or Tamyra Gray, Elliott Yamin, David Archuleta or Clay Aiken.  Yes, I know they didn’t win, but so could have.

  • Is there some magical number the judges have to hit on the count going to Hollywood?  Is it so they have enough to crash and burn each round and then have at least one room that doesn’t make it through at the end?
  • I’m still way loving Steven Tyler.  That is all.
  • Jane Carrey.  I wasn’t going to hate on the hoopla of having a star’s kid perform (her father is Jim Carrey).  Then I heard stories that she was shown preferential treatment from the show’s producers.  Instead of camping outside for a spot and then waiting in line for multiple auditions and hoping to get before the judges (I hear not everyone does), she was allegedly given a time slot to come in and sing.  Way not cool.  In her intro piece, she talks about growing up with celebrity and wanting to find her own way.  Well, if she didn’t ask for the special treatment, she should have refused it.  Mucho backlash via the voters could come from this.

Ones I’ll Watch

  • Travis Orlando – Okay.  Remember what I said last week about the Idol producers breaking my heart with contestants that are highlighted then taken away?  Well, welcome back Travis (see above)!  He was an early fave of mine last season only to be sliced away during the Hollywood rounds.  I think his voice is divine (and he’s a cutie), but agree with the judges that something is still being held back.  I hope he can let go of whatever that is.  His back story is also compelling with family struggles, an ailing father and time spent in a shelter.  I’m not so keen on the fact that he dropped out of high school.
  • Erika Van Pelt – She’s a wedding singer and mobile DJ.  Great sultry voice.  I think she needs to work on her clothing style.
  • Ashley Robles – Yes, I gave her 10 dings out of the gate for going for Whitney’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”  That is one many attempt and never recoup from.  Ashley surprised me by making me look up at the screen.  She has a good voice and did a steady job with the song.  I hope she doesn’t fall into the standard diva trap.
  • Kyle Crews – His intro video pegs him as a stereotypical frat guy, but he sings Monica’s “Angel of Mine” with some serious soul.  I could listen to him sing for a while. 
  • Curtis Gray – I liked his tone and want to see what else he can do. 
  • Shelby Tweten – She is good and has a pretty voice with control and honest emotion woven in.  We also see she has a compelling back story from her intro video noting struggles with bipolar disorder.  From what she said about the Idol audition being what has kept her on her meds, I am worried about what will happen from the stress of the future rounds and/or if she is kicked off. 
  • Bailey Brown – She’s back after a try back in Season 6.  Then, at age 16, she made it to Hollywood, but not past the group round.  I’d like to hear her sing something beyond her audition song.

Musical Selection – Kyle Crews’s Intro Video and Audition

So, do you have any faves yet?  Anyone put through to Hollywood that has you scratching your head?

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14 Responses to Rants from an American Idol Addict – The Auditions Roll On

  1. Amber West says:

    Ok, I haven’t watched the last season or so, but you just made me google Jane Carrey. Don’t suck me in! 😉

  2. amyshojai says:

    I’m an addict. But yep, it can be aggravating when the great singers get sidelined for the ones with a better “look,” etc.

    • Yeah, another addict! 🙂 Yes, I get passing on someone with no stage presence, but they are a but too image driven at times. Last season, I thought they had better voices, but boring cute people.

  3. OMG I love Kyle!!! Wowzers!!!
    I missed a bunch so far but caught last nights. And so the drama starts. LOL!

  4. The ridiculousness of some of the auditions has me thinking I’ll stop tuning in until later. It’s like watching a gag reel instead of real stuff. I’d rather spend my time writing, which is what I did last night. 😉

  5. Thanks for the recap! Better than watching it myself. Those crazy auditions tend to get out of hand, so I hope they stop focusing so much on the crazy and get back to the talent.

    • Yep, Tameri, I’ll like it much better when they finally get to the Hollywood rounds. Then we’ll be done with the crazy people. Some of the auditioners might still bomb, but at least they won’t be like the cyclops guy or come dressed in a bikini (had another one of those this year) or gag costume (like a hot dog).

  6. I watched the San Diego round and wondered about the judges too. I didn’t think Jim Carrey’s daughter did a very good job either. She was okay, but thought her words (I want to make it on my own) and her actions (Hey! My dad is Jim Carrey!) did not jive. Why not audition under a different name? Or ask the producers not to highlight her famous father?

    That girl who kept talking about being an American model bothered me big time. She obviously has a performance as sweet ding-a-ling (a.k.a.Kelly Pickler) when her real personality is nothing like it. If she makes it to the voting rounds I think the voters will punish her for it.

    Love your insights, Barbara. I’m learning a lot.

    • Great point on the Kelly Pickler angle, Bridgette! Yep, I think some of the contestants are that savvy to scope out what has worked before and go for it. Anything to make yourself memorable for the judges and/or audience. And I wasn’t that impressed with the Carrey girl either.

  7. Annie says:

    Every year I say I’m not going to watch Idol…and every year I end up watching the whole season. There should be a 12 step for people like me! Glad to hear I’m not alone.

    • Oh yes, Annie, we need a 12-step solution. I’m with you. Last season, I was irritated with so much of it, but couldn’t turn my eyes away. I was like that for Taylor Hicks. I didn’t like him or Katherine so I didn’t watch the finale performances. Another bad one was Season 9 with Lee, Siobhan, big Mike getting the save, Andrew, dead-eyes Paige. A batch of boring finalists. I enter each year with the hopes it will be better and am sucked back in.

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