Favorite Academy Award Winners for Best Original Song

Last night, we learned that “Man or Muppet” won the Oscar for Best Original Song.  Written by Bret McKenzie, it was featured in The Muppets movie.  There was some controversy this year on the category and rules process since only two songs were nominated (the other was “Real in Rio” from Rio) from a short list of 39 options.

Since I haven’t seen the muppet movie fun and am not familiar with either song, I’d rather share five of my favorite winning songs from my lifetime.

1976 – Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born) – This treat was written by Barbra Streisand and Paul Williams.  It was performed by Barbra… and me all through elementary school.  I even  got the sheet music so I could ping it out on the piano.

1983 – Flashdance… What a Feeling – Written by Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey and ’80s diva extraordinaire Irene Cara, who also sang it.  Break out your funkiest moves, leg warmers and fighting spirit.

1988 – Let the River Run – Carly Simon both wrote and performed this hit from Working Girl.  I still remember the beautiful city view shots shown from the ferry in the movie, including the majestic prominence of the Twin Towers.

1998 – When You Believe – Stephen Schwartz penned this selection for The Prince of Egypt and it brought together the two reigning pop divas of the time: Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

2002 – Lose Yourself – Who can forget this base pounding, fight for your dreams gem?  Written by Eminem, Jeff Bass and Luis Resto, Eminem slammed it home during 8 Mile.


Announcing the author spotlight with Steena Holmes award winners!  As promised, I grabbed all the names from those of you commenting on blog posts this week as well as those who tweeted a link to last Monday’s post, tossed them into hat and picked three.  Thank you all for your comments and sharing!  Great fun.  Some hand claps please…the winners of an eBook copy of Devil Unknown are:  Jennette Marie Powell, Bridgette Booth and Darlene Steelman.  Congrats to you, ladies.

What are some other Oscar-winning songs you love?  Any non-winners that top your lists?  What were your thoughts on the Academy Award telecast in general?

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10 Responses to Favorite Academy Award Winners for Best Original Song

  1. great post, Barb. I watched the oscars last night for the first time in years.

    • Thanks, Louise! I watched some of the preshow fun and intro, but then bailed to catch The Walking Dead and second hour of Celebrity Apprentice. It is harder for me to watch straight through because the Oscars don’t have the same flow in pacing or punch as other award shows.

  2. Whoop! Doing a happy dance for my copy of Steena’s book. Thank you!!!

    As for the Oscars. . . I forgot to watch. Glad I have you for a recap. lol! Have a great week, Barbara!

  3. Squeeee…all amazing songs and some FAVs for sure!! Now I wanna go watch the movies…LOL!

  4. Ah, Eminem, that’s one of my favorite songs ever. I was confused by the songs this year. Certainly there could be more choices? Oh, well. I enjoyed the rest of the show, except for that weird part where Robert Downey Jr. was all documentary weirdness and Sasha Baron Cohen spilling stuff on Ryan Seacrest? So bad.

    • I was confused too, Tameri. There were several other songs that should have gotten consideration. The Academy hid behind the new rules versus really explain it. And Sasha Baron Cohen was awful. I find none of his antics funny. More self-absorbed and rude.

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