Spring Loving

Welcome to Melodic Monday where today the feeling of spring and the joy of love are all around.

Image source: thehouseandhomemagazine.com

With the mild winter we’ve enjoyed in northeast Ohio, I’ve been watching a lot of our Canada geese return early.  The geese milling about are my first true indication of spring.  They fascinate me and I could spend hours watching them waddle in their communities.  My favorite is when the feeding and frolicking gives way to each couple sharing nest guarding duties.  Moving too close will get you a stare, then an all-out charging by one with threatening squawks and wings outstretched for battle.  *cough*  Yes, I’ve been chased away.

The births give us protective parents parading the fuzzy babies down the sidewalks, across the roadways and into the local ponds.  I love that the geese mate for life and spend their time blissfully committed.  When I read this sweet post from my blog buddy, Natalie Hartford, on finding life partners that bring out the best in us, I thought again of the geese and imagined their inside jokes, conversations over parenting and searches for best feeding areas.  I may be watching generations in the same family carry forward each year.

Image source: canada-photos.com

More so than Valentine’s Day, spring brings me to a feeling of love, rebirth and opportunity filtering through the air.  New buds are bursting from the ground.  Bunnies are hopping about nibbling fresh grass.  Couples are venturing out to share evening walks.

Now is when I’m randomly humming songs of romance and putting Chicago, Luther Vandross and Anita Baker on repeat.  My new fave added to this love bunch is “Maybe I’m Amazed,” as sung by Jeremy Jordan and Keke Palmer on the Joyful Noise soundtrack.

If you remember, a little bit ago I raved about Jeremy as the movie’s breakout star.  Well, with the CD now in my possession, that belief is renewed by 10 and the song is on repeat.  There is tenderness in the tone of the vocals and believability that they are two teenagers embrace in the hope of new love.  Thank you, Sir Paul McCartney, for crafting this gem.  When I leave work tonight, I think I’ll roll down my window in the parking lot so my geese can listen and nod their necks along.

What will you do on March 20 to celebrate the first day of spring?

What is your favorite part of the season?

What songs frequent your love soundtrack?

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21 Responses to Spring Loving

  1. Hey Barbara, how are you girl? I am missing that Luther lately. And the remake of Paul McCartney’s song is amazing! I love your pictures of the geese and love spring. Although I can never complain about the weather in SoCal. Except for the occasional earthquake, our weather Rocks. I loved Natalie’s post today too. Sorry I didn’t get by to support you yesterday for Sunday’s ROW post. But it sounds like you’re doing well. Have a great week Barbara and stay strong! Time to turn up the music and sing! 🙂

    • Howdy, Karen! I haven’t been, but have heard how fab SoCal was. Like a steady, happy temp most of the year. That has got to be great for the mind/body. Thanks for your cheering. *back to the love songs*

  2. Elena Aitken says:

    Oh, I LOVE my Geese. And yes…since I’m Canadian, they’re mine. I lend them to you for the winter. 🙂
    We actually had a lot of them stick around this winter it was so mild. So sweet that they mate for life. I agree…Spring rocks!

    • Hmm…okay, Elena. I suppose they are yours, but can I keep my batch? They have such distinct personalities and attitude. Now it does get a tad bit messy on the sidewalks, but I can look past that to get to see the babies wandering by.

  3. Love spring and love the return of geese and ducks. I didn’t know geese mate for life, how cool is that!! I really enjoy spring and we seem to be having an early one this year. Today is +11 here and sunny and gorgeous. The trees are budding and love is definitely in the air. I think what I like best about it is how warm it feels. +11 after a hot summer feels so cold but this time of year, people toss on t-shirts and shorts and celebrate anything in the + double digits. Everyone’s spirits raise…amazing!
    LOVE that song. I am going to head out for a purchase for sure – gorgeous!
    Thanks for the FAB shout out honey bunny – you are too sweet. MUAH!!

    • +11 ???? Must admit that one had me thinking Natalie was off her rocker until I realized she was talking Celcius. Which is what 51 degrees F? But, kind of a jolt until I did the math. lol.

      Loved the pics of the geese, Barbara. I had similar thoughts about Spring when I see all the calves and foals in the pastures. ♥

    • We’ve got mid-70s where I am now and I’m hoping it stays steady. Very weird for March timing. We are more prone to having one last bad snowstorm in March and even early April. And you are right, Natalie, everyone’s spirits have been so much lighter from the mild winter and now warmer air. We are smiling more and not as rushed to get in or out of the cold. Still listening to my new spring anthem love song. 🙂

  4. The Canadian gees are back in Seattle too. They are awesome – I love everything about them (well, maybe with the exception of the poop, but hey, that’s a natural furtilizer, right?).

    I love all the seasons, since I always find something absolutely fantastic in each. As long as there is no rain (ahem, why do I live in Seattle then?), I’m happy. The sunshine, the fresh snow, the vibrant colors in fall, the tiny buds sprouting in spring – it’s all perfect. Oh, I’m so hard to please,*snort*

    • Maybe I should see if I can train “my” geese to just poop on the grass versus the sidewalks and parking lot. Ha!

      I hate snow so I ask myself the why do I live in northern Ohio question all the time. Hello, snow easily can come half of the year. And then we have a tendency to move into a rainy, cloud covered April. I’m hoping the weather fluke continues and blesses us with more sunny days then a warm fall.

  5. Yay for spring! It’s kind of felt like spring all winter here in Toronto – very bizzaro! Our geese stick around no matter how cold it gets and we could send you some as there is no shortage here!
    Great video, Barb … but someone has to tell Dolly to stop getting work done. Seriously! You’re so diplomatic Barb and always put such a good spin on everything so we nominate you. Ok?

    • There has to be something to the weird winters we have all experienced. It will be interesting to see if it repeats next year. Go ahead and send down more geese. Some might hate it, but we’ve got space by the lake.

      Hmm…Dolly does need a bit of an intervention, eh? I hear that she’s even talked pals into having work done and some have had bad results (e.g., Kenny Rogers). She’s so pretty that I hate she’s altered what would have moved and shifted naturally. There is a beauty in natural change. I can understand people doing superficial things like peels, creams or even the Botox craze (though I’m concerned about the long term damage). It is the drastic pulling and inserts that hurt the skin and facial structure.

  6. Ali Dent says:

    My favorite part of spring is watching the leaves bud out and listening to the birds sing. I also love the mild temperature.

  7. I’m from northeast Ohio too!! Happy Spring!!

    • Okay, how did I miss that, Traci! Woo-hoo! So you are basking in the wonders of our winter too. I can’t remember one this mild. *doing the good weather dance*

      Oh, did you see Ohio has 4 college teams in the sweet sixteen? I’m not a big basketball fan, but heard that on the radio and felt a beam of pride.

  8. Aw, I love those geese! I never knew they mated for life, that’s pretty darn cool. Spring is an amazing time of year and one of my favorites. Except in SoCal, spring is pretty much the same as any time of year, maybe more rainy and windy. But I look for the beauty in the dreariness (yes, it does rain in SoCal and we do get horrid weather from time to time).

    Happy Spring my darlin!

    • I learned the mating for life thing a few years back and that just made me love them. There is even a law in the city where I work that bans hitting them. Cars slow down and stop to let them get across. There are still some truckers speeding through and sometimes we’ll see one that has died. It breaks my heart when I think of their stranded mate, though I recently read that they can find another.

      I’ve heard great things about the SoCal area and weather. Having a steady setting like that has to be good for people’s moods.

      • You know what? It is and it isn’t. Summer year-round gets a little tiresome. I know, wah, wah, wah! But really, there is only so much sun one can take. The rest of the world wakes up to fall or spring and we’re like, meh. It’s been raining for three days and I love it! Brings everything in close and personal. Come on out for a visit, we’d love to have you!

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