A Quick ROW80 Goals Check-In

If you’d take it easy, trust awhile.  Don’t look blue, don’t look back.  You’ll pull through in just awhile.  ‘Cause you’re on the right track.  On the right track.  On the right track…Take it easy, sonny.  Take it easy.” ~ Pippin Soundtrack “On the Right Track”

This has been a bustling week for me and I’m swinging by to do a quick check-in before wrapping up the round on Wednesday.

ROW80 Goals Progress


  • 1,500 words of new fiction a week either on novel WIP or short stories.  A tad bit shy at 879 more words in on the short story I started last week.
  • Read at least one chapter a week of a craft book.  Done.
  • Read at least one chapter of a novel each week.  Read “Hunger Games” before the movie launch March 23.  I’m behind on reading schedule from Saturday and today, but will carry my copy around all week to get ‘er done.
  • Complete assignments each week for Plotting Via Motivation class (March 5-30, 2012) with Laurie Schnebly Campbell.  I’m up-to-date on the reading of the exercises and completing the assignments through number seven.  Moving forward on the in-class plot work for book two is weird while writing book one, which I think is why I wrote on the short story this week.  Interesting that I can blend work on one long fiction project with shorter fiction, but not two long fiction projects.

Social Media

  • Blog three times a week.  Four done.
  • Read, comment and share at least 10 blogs a week.  Done.
  • Check Twitter and Facebook at least once daily.  Done.  Wasn’t as conversational on Twitter, but made sure I swung through.

Healthy Happy Living

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.  Walked a little on Wednesday and did some low-impact lower body strength work.  Felt okay so I’ll try some more walking this week.
  • Finish my poncho project via crocheting one hour a week.  Done.
  • Enjoy watching one movie a week without multitasking.  Watched “Contagion.”

How are you all doing as we move to wrap up the round?  Be sure to check out the ROW80 updates of others via the blog hop.

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10 Responses to A Quick ROW80 Goals Check-In

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    Oh my goodness! You blogging, exercising, writing maniac! I’m totally impressed with you, girlfriend. I think you are ready to pick up the torch and drag Lena with you as co-hosts for the next ROCK the ROW party!! I’ll snacks and sassy tunes…what do you say?

  2. Thanks, Jenny! It is like I got better footing this round to balance out and make some goals into habits. I’ll be tweaking things and amping up some goals next round. Now for this party thing… heh. 🙂

  3. Wow, you got a lot done! I find it hard to produce new words at all if I’m in-depth into a workshop. And Laurie’s great, isn’t she? Keep up the good work, and see you in the next ROWnd!

  4. FAB week darlin’!! Great word count, amazing blogging, hot social media train – all in all – fantastic!!!! Luv it…keep up the GREAT work!!!

  5. Great progress, Barbara! Is your short story under 1K or 2K? I work in children’s so my limit is usually 1K. Don’t blame you for combining short project with long project. I can’t hold two long projects in my head either. Just gets too complicated. (For me, at least.)

    • Looks like I’m heading towards 2K+ on the short story first draft. I typically just let myself write it unless I’m working on something for a contest with a specific word count.

  6. You are one busy lady. well done. and what a lovely interview. very enjoyable.

    • Thanks for your continuous support, Louise! These goals have helped me keep a better balance of all the different areas I want to get into. I know I can’t do it all, but like that I don’t have to totally abandon anything.

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