What Memories Have You Found During Spring Cleaning?

Today is a super special day here at my blog.  It is 200th post day.

We are going to crank on some tunes and party like we haven’t in a while.  Okay, well, yeah you got me; we did party kinda hard for my birthday a few months back.  But who doesn’t like a good keep St. Patrick’s Day rolling party?

Let’s put on some funky shimmy music and go for it.  Oh, take your time and finish whatever green beer or shots you’ve got left.  When you are done, we’ll be waiting for you below.  Listen to Prince’s Party Up (warning: scantily clad, revolutionary man alert)

Making it to 200 posts is pretty cool for a blog that started with I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m going to do it anyway intentions.  Then morphed into stare at navel ramblings, found some footing via sharing an addiction others like and rounded the corner to hitting some topics that resonated with readers.

Along the past year and a half, I’ve had moments of blog silence due to workload (ugh, not recommended), considered stopping when I fell into the “what’s my voice” pit and watched the blogs of others take off with zillions of followers, comments and link love.  And I’m here to tell you it is all good.  Blogging–like life–is not a race.  Consider me the little blogger that could.  I’ll keep sharing nuggets from my corner of world if you promise to keep my quirks our secret.  Can do?  Cool.  😉

In my wanderings last night, I started making a “things I kinda need to get at” spring cleaning list.  You know—the projects and clutter that need to be cleared out to make way for summer.  There are some to-be-read book stacks that I need to funnel onto the shelves.  A bag of laundry that started growing when I was sick.  Writing magazines I’ve missed getting to.  I’ll even admit to still having two piles of summer clothes that never made it down in the cedar trunk.

Also on the list again is the metal shelf housing the trinkets of a childhood past–some with decades of life on them.  The contents of the shelf and nearby crate of records come up each year as I consider the space it takes up and better method of storage since the constant dust is killing them.

A sampling of my wares:

Meet Bunny, Rubber Ducky and Tiger

A sampling from the '80s

Some fave soundtracks

Gabinia after one too many Mardi Gras

Souvenir from my first concert

I even wonder if I should still be storing the items.  Wouldn’t taking and keeping a picture work just as well?  I mean, it’s not like I’m going to play with them again or let anyone else.  There is nothing more than sentimental value attached.  Maybe there something to having a tangible feel.

What items are you still holding on to from childhood?  Is it for their financial value or associated memories?  What is your process for deciding what to keep and what to part with?

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10 Responses to What Memories Have You Found During Spring Cleaning?

  1. Woohoo – congrats on the 200th post! Party on, Barb!

  2. 200???? You totally are the little blog that could! And your stuff is super fabulous. I know they say to take a picture and it’s the same thing, but it’s not. You can’t touch a picture. You can’t dust a picture. But do we need the cruft? Who knows. It’s so hard for me to get rid of anything. Maybe you could do that whole, put it in a box with the date written on it. If you haven’t looked in it for six months, out it goes. I’ve done that and only once did I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of something. You know, I’m not even sure what it was now that I think about it!

    Congrats on the 200 blog posts and keep on partying, my friend!!

    • Yep, 200. I wasn’t tracking until paying attention to the new sidebar feature popping up in WP that gives goals for every 5 posts. I rounded into the 190s and was like, whoa, a reason to party. 🙂 Well, Tameri, you know don’t need much push for a party.

      For my trinkets, yes, I think there are some I can get rid of. Like I have some china dolls dressed to resemble kids from different countries. China face and hands, rope or fabric rest of the bodies. They don’t have sentimental value and I doubt they have $$ worth, but I’ve kept them. I could find a kid that would appreciate them.

  3. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes says:

    A few people have hit the 200 this week. Very exciting.
    I don’t hang on much stuff but I tend to find weird, embarrassing things during spring cleaning…like something from an old boyfriend or a crumpled T-shirt i threw past the laundry hamper that really needed to be washed a year ago..

  4. Keep them, even if you have to put them away – there will always be a smile when you come upon them.

    congrats on the 200th blog. I can’t imagine – I’m just over 50 and am amazed at my peseverance, since I didn’t want to start in the first place.

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  6. Well Barbara, we seem to be two peas from the same pod on this business. As I read your blog detours (what’s my voice pit, priceless) I was nodding my head. Yep. Yep. Uh, huh. And, I’m satisfied with being a small blog too. (I call mine a “boutique blog” though, because I like to put on airs.)

    I’ve also been spring cleaning since the new year and have decluttered a ton of stuff. (I think that may come close to being literal too since I got rid of a broken recliner.) Anyway, my sniff test on whether the sentimental items go or stay is whether or not I enjoy them anymore. If they don’t bring me pleasure, then I need to send them away. I boxed up a lot of my childhood items for my girls, but I don’t display them anymore.

    Congrats on the 200th post! I’ll have to go look at what number I’m on. 🙂

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