Rants from American Idol Addict: Trios Tease and Top 9 Review

This week, we’ve rambled into the murky lands of Idol contestants singing songs from their idols.  I cringed when I heard this theme because it is one that could be killer for performers making strategic choices for their voices as well as audience appeal.  It could also be a walk into a muck of quicksand for someone with no song choice savvy (ding, ding, ding, we’ve got one of those).


  • We do have some good singers this year.  Minus two to three of them, I wouldn’t mind any of the others winning, provided their debut album is full of good song choices.
  • My shouldn’t wins = Colton and Heejun.  I’m floating on Phillip.
  • Stevie Nicks just is.  Love her.
  • Our resident poser, Colton, decided this week that his personal idol was Lifehouse.  “Everything” was the song.  Oh, look at the pretty geese outside.  One day, you shall get the well-earned door prize.
  • It seemed kind of silly for Skylar to be force singing her way through “Gunpowder and Lead.”  The content wasn’t the most relevant for a 16-year-old and if she is living like that, her folks need to sit her down for a discussion.  Here’s your door prize.
  • So Heejun wants to redeem himself by singing “A Song for You.”  Donnie Hathaway’s version, eh?  One of my Idol rules is though shall not sing a song shut down by a former Idol contestant.  Elliott Yamin was masterful when singing this a few times on Idol.  Was Heejun improved from last week?  Yes.  Was it standing ovation worthy?  Nope. Meh.
  • Hollie sang, “Jesus Take the Wheel.”  I’m ducking my head as I say I just hate that song.  This performance was middle of the road and did nothing to make her stand out. Her clothing and styling are much better.  Meh.
  • DeAndre still can’t pick a song to save his life.  Eric Benet’s “Sometimes I Cry.” Really?  Try picking a song folks know.  Then, and I know this is hard, try to sing it in a lower register, touching into the falsetto for a quick blip them going back down.  Wicked good voice that is being missed.  He’s like a kid with a new superhero power that he doesn’t know how to reign in yet.  Here’s your door prize.
  • Why not just pick a Beyoncé ballad rather than slow a song down?  I didn’t like the melodramatic version Jessica gave us of “Sweet Dreams.”  Listening to the judges, I see I’m alone with that.  Meh.
  • I’m not familiar with “Still Raining” by Jonny Lang.  Phillip does a respectable job.  I’d listen again.
  • Does Joshua realize he rubbed snot from his nose up close and personal on HD live TV?  Heh.  Good performance.  He became emotional at the end and just seems like such a nice guy. I’d listen again.
  • Elise sang “Whole Lotta Love” and she shut it down.  Done.  Best of the week.  Who knew she could rock out?  I’d listen again and buy the single.
  • There was good and bad to be found in the trios.  These I’m sure are a snippet from what we’ll see from the Idol concert tour.  Elise is the highlight from the Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks medley.  Colton and Phillip were wandering about.  DeAndre, Joshuan and Heejun did not blend well on the Michael Jackson one.  Hearing the Madonna songs from Jessica and Hollie was cool except for Skylar being out-of-place.
  • Scotty McCreery and Nicki Minaj wander through as the guest entertainment.  Jimmy Iovine gives him an honor for his album selling 1 million copies.  Jimmy also leaks that next week’s theme is the ’80s.  I try to close my ears to not hear Scotty and Nicki.
  • We get a bottom three of Hollie (yikes), Heejun and Skylar.  Bottom two of Heejun and Hollie (triple yikes).  And this week we lose Heejun.  His sins of last week have circled back.

What songs would you like to hear from the 1980s next week?  Has your favorite contestant changed?  Who do you think has improved the most?

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8 Responses to Rants from American Idol Addict: Trios Tease and Top 9 Review

  1. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    I love Colton!! He and Phillip are the two who’s albums I would buy!! I think top three will be Colton, Phillip, and Jessica. I did think this week was Elise’s coming out party. I loved her song, adored the outfit. If she keeps it up, she could be top 4. I think Josha is an amazing singer, I just wish he’d do something that sounded less churchy. I like gospel in church but I wouldn’t listen to it in the car with the radio blaring and the windows down. I wonder what would happen if he let himself go like Elise did. Threw in a little rap or a funky beat or something. Did something like Jay Sean or Jason Durello who both have similar voices but add the pop to it.

    • Yeah, Jillian! A Colton fan. I’ve been looking high and low for one. Heh. Seriously, I’m glad you shared that. While he’s my least favorite, I’ve been wondering if he really has fans and real options for a career post Idol or if he’s just being pushed by the producers. I like Phillip more and might give some of his songs a chance. I agree on Joshua. I didn’t like him at first because his voice, like Creighton who didn’t make the finals, is so stylized. Too much of it doing the same thing will turn off listeners. Your suggestion of him moving forward and trying more modern songs/sounds is a great one.

  2. always like your comments Barb and I didn’t like Heejun – thought he should have left the week before. so i was relieved when the judges didn’t save him.

    • I’m with you, Louise. I was willing the judges to not waste the save. He was years better than what he did in previous weeks, but still not a vocal contender against the others. I hate that his once fun humor took such a negative turn.

  3. Right on again, Judge Barb. I’m telling you they need to pull that fourth chair up for you … snuggled right up to Steve! It definitely was time for Heejun to leave, nice guy but this is a singing competition. I loved how Elise absolutely rocked it – AMAZING – and she isn’t looking sulky any more. If she can maintain that attitude, she’s going to go places!

    • Whee! Oh, Patricia, snuggle up to Steven is just what I’d do! I’ve got some scarves and jewelry to put on so we’d match. I am so glad that Elise had a breakout moment. That should win her more fans and give her a better shot. Also glad her scowl is gone.

  4. Enjoy your wrap up soooo much more than the radio guy does. 🙂 I only caught the beginning of the show but did wonder about the theme – bad choices, bad choices, bad choices. Btw, I caught some of your twitter commentary during the show and enjoyed it even though I didn’t have it on.

    • Thanks, Bridgette! I really like most of the voices this season and am thinking of going to the tour if it comes through my city or one close enough. Seeing the tour would be a first for me. I so wish they had the skills to make better song choices or had stronger mentors guiding them. Unfortunately, some of the mentor options have been just as bad or worse.

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