Starting Off ROW80 with a Twitter Party and Ramped Up Goals

Get this train
Know you’ll be glad you came
Hit the track
Party hard there and back
Leave your worries behind (Leave your worries behind)
“Cause rain, shine
Won’t mind
We’re ridin’ on the groove line tonight. ~ Heatwave “The Groove Line”

What better way to kick us into Round Two of ROW80 then to have a party?  Never one to be a wallflower, I ran full throttle into the last ROW80 party and was the one hoisting myself up on the table and dropping it like it’s hot.  From this rowdy spirit–and being one of the last standing party goers–I readily accepted as co-host Jenny Hansen passed the torch to me.  We will break into song and merriment on Wednesday, April 4.

What is Row80 you ask?  The keys to the mystery are here.

How do you join?  Join us here.  Go ahead and sign up.  I’ll wait and keep your party cocktail chilled.  🙂

A Quick Peek at My Goals:


  • At least one hour of WIP writing time five days a week.
  • Complete one craft book via reading at least one chapter a week.
  • Complete two novels via reading at least one chapter a week.
  • Complete assignments for From Plot to Finish master class with Laurie Schnebly Campbell (first two weeks of April).

Social Media

  • Complete ROW80 sponsor duties via reading and commenting on assigned blogs each week.
  • Share contents of other bloggers via link backs from each of my posts.
  • Check Triberr at least once daily.
  • Join and learn Pinterest.

Healthy Happy Living

  • Cardio exercise three times a week.
  • Look for yoga/meditation course option each week.
  • Complete neck exercises every day.

Party Details:

  • Theme: “Throwback Party”

Oh yes, we are going WAY back.  This party is a celebration of generations, music, and fashions.  We want you to come on Wednesday ready to kick it like you used to “back in the day.”  All outfits are welcome, my co-host Lena Corazon is stirring up some beverages to last all night, and I’m morphing into DJ Barbara to spin tunes for all decades.

  • Date: April 4, 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM EST in the U.S.
    This will also be the first day of Round Two check-in so there should be a bevy of ROW80 peeps and friends wandering around the blogosphere.
  • Why: For the ROW80 celebration of Round One, a kick-off party for Round Two, and a get down groovy time for all supporters.  Don’t be shy.  Anyone can participate in this Twitter party whether it is just popping by to say hello or being the last one dancing at 11:59 pm.
  • Where: The party will be held at the #ROW80 hashtag.
    Include that in your Tweet and join in!
  • Blog with Photos Competition:  From April 2 to April 8, we want you to keep the party going and post some “Throwback Party” ROW80 celebrations.  This can be separate posts or part of your check-ins this week.  Just make sure to include some pics that reflect the theme and let your party monster rage.  Whatever you want to do to work this into your post, go for it.  We trust you are a creative bunch.  Then, we’ll review them and decide on the best to spotlight in a post.

To enter the Blog with Photos Competition:

  • Create a blog post that reflects the “Throwback Party” theme.
  • Creativity is a plus as are great pictures.  We know there are some folks holding a treasure of pics showing them in their glory with bell-bottom, platform shoes, biker, poodle skirts, and tie-dyed ponchos.
  • Lena and I will look at the comments on our ROW80 blogs for recommendations of top picks as well as review them all for inclusion of top picks/faves in a mashup and for your vote.
  • Link to add your blog entry on the ROW80 site.

Here are a few tunes to tease you on how we will jam through each decade.  Check back on Wednesday for a full soundtrack.

New millennium – Hey Ya! (OutKast)

1990s – I’ve Got the Power (Snap)

1980s – Everything She Wants (Wham!)

1970s – Car Wash (Rose Royce)

1960s – Get Off of My Cloud (The Rolling Stones)

1950s – At the Hop (Danny & The Juniors)

1940s – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B (The Andrews Sisters)

So get your contest blog posts ready, dig out your party wear, and meet us at the ROW80 party on Wednesday!

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27 Responses to Starting Off ROW80 with a Twitter Party and Ramped Up Goals

  1. Sounds like the party is going to be a blast. I’ll pop in with some of the other WANA cheerleaders!

  2. April 4th on my calendar – check. I won’t miss the party, although I’m not participating in the Round.

    Great goals, as always, Barbara. I’m disappointed though that there is no crocheting project on the list 😦

    You will love Pinterest. Just request an invitation ahead of time, since it takes a week or so to get it, unless they speeded up the process lately.

    • I will be doing a crochet project again, Angela. I didn’t list it as a goal because the hour of crochet time has become a habit now (done Wednesday nights around 9:00pm). I also need to pick out a new project. I have a prayer shawl book I want to delve into, but also have some other funky patterns I could do like bohemian scarves and some bags.

      For Pinterest, I’ve got an invite, but hesitated to join because I didn’t want to get sucked in without planning time for it and then read all the copyright issue articles. Things seem to be lightening up in terms of the controversy, so I’ll stick my toe in. 🙂

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  4. Amber West says:


    I am back on the ROW80 train this time around, so I’ll have to mark some time off to join the party. (Great goals, by the way!)

    This time around, I’ve joined forces with two of my favorite girls to keep myself in check. Hopefully, it will help me to keep to whatever goals I set (and definitely have fun along the way).

    You can check us out at

    Thanks for getting everyone off to a great start!

    • I saw the joint blog you guys created, Amber. Way cool superheroes! Definitely join in at the party. I’m hoping to ride the dance momentum forward and into hitting my cardio goal this round. Since I love to dance, I could even have a schedule of one day dancing to MTV Jams or YouTube videos for 30 min. Can’t wait to see your goals and break out my high kicks and tambourine to cheer you on!

  5. Great list of goals Barbara and I’m wishing you all the best with them. Sounds like you and Lena have the party well planned 🙂

  6. Stacy Green says:

    Party sounds like a lot of fun, and you’ll do great at your goals. You’ve got a great list – I’ll be cheering you along!

  7. Love that you and Lena are hosting this party! Going to get my groove on. 🙂

    • Excellent, Nicole! You can hold it down for the few (heh) of the hours I’ll need to get some shut eye. I’m going to see if I can schedule a “remote” DJ to keep kicking out tune links. I’m on a Wham! kick today. Too bad I don’t have any neon gear left from that era.

  8. Go Barbara! Go Barbara! 🙂 Looks like you are on the fast track to Wowzerville!

  9. Ooh, meditation. Let me know if you find something great. That lingers around in my mind every so often as something I should do. Great work toward your goals, Barbara!

    • There are a few offerings in my area, August. The trick is finding an after work class or one on the weekend that fits my schedule. I have some Saturday obligations that are ending in a few weeks, so I hope to be able to toss a regular class in that slot. Meditation/restorative yoga is so good for my spirit and to slow down the mind.

    • Sounds like fun! And kudos on your blog start, joining ROW80 and your goals. All good stuff. WP is easy to learn more about and there are great resources in the community that can answer questions and provide other guidance. Ditto for blogging, writing, etc. We are peeps that like to share. 😉

  10. fakesteph says:

    You’ll love pinterest. It’s addicting!

  11. Marcia says:

    Great goals, Barbara! See you at the party!

  12. Jenny Hansen says:

    I freaking LOVE that playlist, Barbara!! Woo-hoooooooooooooo! 🙂

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