Rants from an American Idol Addict – Are We Done Yet?

Our Idol auditions this week were a bit of a let down.  Oregon was the city of sad stories and limited talent—at least what was shown to us.  I say this because they put through 45 people and I struggled to note just one of interest.  And even she’s a bit of a maybe for me.

Last night, we started off the St. Louis audition show with a high pimp of Season Four Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, who’d auditioned there.  That year, my fave was Mario Vazquez until he withdrew himself after the semis.  Then I was left to be entertained by Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis.  I thought many of Carrie’s performances were robotic.  She was point, click and sing perfect notes with a smile.  She is a million performances improved now. 

Ones I’ll Watch

  • Brittany Zica – Auditioning in Oregon, she had a quirky and interesting tone.  She also had a funky (she called it “hipster”) style that felt put on to me, down to the oversized black-rimmed glasses that made her look nerdy.  Not sure the voice will strong enough against some others or if people will warm up to her.
  • Johnny Keyser – He starts off our fun in St. Louis and is not at all hard on the eyes. He sings Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Going to Come” with some surprising soulful runs.  As the judges keep prodding him on to continue the song, he becomes a bit affected and stagey with facial and hand moves, but I’ll forgive it.  That cute smile swayed me.  I repeat again – sucker for cute guys that can sing right here.
  • Reis Kloeckener – He has the back story of being bullied in high school and sings “Lean On Me” to cap the story off.  He has a nice tone with boy-band stylings.  Think Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys.  Reis also has those smooth, every day boy next door looks–cute and not too sexy (compared to Johnny above who had some sexy going on).
  • Ethan Jones – He has a rugged, soul-rock sound.  His father has drug and alcohol issues and is working through rehab.  From his pre-audition speaking with the judges and call to his father in the hallway, the pain and strain in their relationship is evident.  My heart broke a little for him.
  • Lauren Gray – She’s the last contestant and brings it home singing an Adele song.  Lauren a little screamy for me and loses some notes because of it.  I want to watch her because her skills are obvious and her voice reminds me in sound of Anastacia.

Yippee yay, let’s go play … in Hollywood!  The audition rounds are done, done, done, done, done, done.  Next week, cue the breakdowns, folks who party too much and drama of the backstabbers wandering the hotel halls in the group round.

So, were you as bummed out as I was about the Oregon gang?  Who was your favorite this week?  Are you twitching in your seat for us to get to the Hollywood rounds already?

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14 Responses to Rants from an American Idol Addict – Are We Done Yet?

  1. Gerard says:

    I thought Johnny and Ethan were surprisingly good. Reis will probably get swallowed up in the Hollywood round. His voice isn’t different or particularly inspiring to me. Lauren Gray has amazing potential – think what she could deliver with a bit of vocal coaching!

    In Orgeon, I did like Brittany Zika – quirky girl. Needs to lose the hat and glasses though. She’s cuter without them.

    • Thanks for the comments, Gerard! I see what you are saying about Reis. That’s the boy band feel I got. He’d fit in well as part of something. Yes re: vocal coaching for Lauren. Some tailoring and she will be on fire.

  2. I didn’t catch much of the auditions but I’m with you, I’m ready for Hollywood week where we separate the men from the boys! Woot woot! Now it’ll get interesting!

    • I love the Hollywood rounds because we get to see more of the better voices and personalities. The auditions are a bit frustrating as they feed us extra back stories on some contestants (even ones that are bad) instead of showing us more great singers.

  3. I’ve been fast-forwarding through the auditions and missed a few. I never pay too much attention until they get to Hollywood so have been relying on your spot-on comments. Let’s see who survives!

  4. I didn’t watch the Oregon rounds, because honestly, I knew you’d fill me in! LOL. You have some shrewd insights. My family is super impressed when I prattle off something I’ve read on your posts.

    Let’s go to Hollywood. I’ve got my Barbara-To-Watch-For list now. It’s so much more fun this way!

    • Ha ha ha. Love it, Bridgette! Glad I’m putting all those seasons of watching to good use. It is scary funny when I hear a certain song and can remember back to some former contestants (and their season) that sang it. I’m way excited for the Hollywood round so we can see all the talent they haven’t show us. 🙂

  5. Whooohooo! Hollywood. I know you’re excited about that. Love your recap, you keep me filled in without having to plug my ears. Awesome!

    • I am, Tameri! I’m really hoping the judges (or producers pulling the strings) get it right this year and have an exciting group of semi-finalists. I would love to have a few that I’m rooting for and loving so much that I’m energized to vote. I’m hoping for some make me stand up from the recliner and clap performances. Those are the beautiful moments on Idol.

  6. Oh, I love this post, Barbara. I’m not current on the latest Idol happenings but I get a full scoop from you 🙂 Thank you.

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