Some Upcoming Guest Postings and a Taste of The Voice

Hello party people!  Okay, are you as tuckered out as I am from the weekend of Super Bowl festivities?  I’m sitting here waiting for the sugar high from the Kellogg’s Fruity Snacks I just snarfed to kick in.  Who knew voguing with Madonna would take so much energy?!  That was so much easier 20 years ago.

Now that I’ve gotten my bearings, I wanted to update you on a few places I’ll be this week.  Tomorrow, make sure to stop by Nicole Basaraba’s Uni-Verse-City for my horror post as part of her Literary Genre Blog Series.  Then on Thursday, watch me come out of hiding at Natalie Hartford’s Life Out Loud blog. 

Also, since I didn’t want to leave you without a taste of music to get the week rolling in right, I’ve got two treats.  The first is a link to The Urban Daily’s ranking of the top five Super Bowl halftime shows.  While this can be argued about inclusion or order, I think they’ve captured some great ones with video clips included of His Royal Badness, the King of Pop and a remembrance of Nipplegate.

Next is a clip of Jamar Rogers from his blind audition on The Voice.  If you missed the show, you can read my recap article at Reality News Online.  Jamar was an early fave of mine from American Idol Seasons Eight and Nine who ended up not advancing to the live semi-final rounds.  I went all kinds of SQUEE when I saw him hit my screen last night.  Love his voice and, from the peek into his world we were provided, love his spirit as well.

I want to open the floor for you to share some of what you are up to this week.  Any already posted or upcoming blogs you’d like to share?  Anything you’ve read from another blogger that just whipped your hair back or touched your heart?  Share with us below!

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15 Responses to Some Upcoming Guest Postings and a Taste of The Voice

  1. Boy, you are bee-bopping all over the place! Nice. 🙂 Looking forward to checking out your guest posts.
    Rock on! 😀

  2. Girl you are all over the place – luv it and I can’t wait to host you over at my digs! We are gonna have a blast!
    LOVE Jamar’s voice – wowzers. Gonna have to start watching The Voice!
    Just in case some of your readers aren’t familiar with me, I am doing an author spotlight this week on Elena Aitken, an amazing author of women’s fiction. We are also doing a book giveaway that lasts ALL week so comment on any post this week and get in on the fun!
    Thanks for the promo spot!!!

    • Yeah! Thanks for including the details on the book giveaway. Elena is amazing and you’ve done a great interview with her. 🙂

      As for Jamar and The Voice, I hope he does well or at least catches a break from the show. And I love the show’s concept and the coaches banter.

      Yep, we will have fun later this week! Thanks, Natalie!

  3. I always knew you were a mover and shaker, not you get to shake your thing all over the blogosphere! Awesome!! Have fun with your blog hopping and thanks for The Voice info. I was kind of hoping Madonna would have a wardrobe malfunction, but I think she’s too business-like now. The old Madonna (circa 80’s-90’s) would’ve totally done something wild.

    • Right, Tameri! Old Madonna would have pulled out some tricks instead of acting all grown up. Heh. I don’t want my artists all grown up. (I’m looking at you, Prince.)

      The Voice is fabulous. I ranked it above Idol’s last season and they were also more consistent then The X Factor. And Adam Levine is divine…oh, I mean he’s a good coach. 🙂

  4. Fabio Bueno says:

    Wow, Barbara, soon you’ll need an assistant and a publicist. You are in demand, and deservedly so!
    I’m still recovering from the Superbowl party. I was so tired that I didn’t leave the sofa and watched The Voice for the first time. I actually liked the concept (American Idol is not my thing).
    Enjoy your busy week! 🙂 I’ll try to follow you around the blogosphere.

    • Whee! A Super Bowl party player! Always fun until the party ends. 🙂

      NBC was strategic in placing the show there to catch new viewers. Glad you gave it a shot. American Idol is all kinds of irritating at times, but I’m sadly addicted and watch on.

      Thanks for stopping by, Fabio, and for the kudos! *blushing*

  5. Marcia says:

    Great job on securing those guest posting dates, Barbara! I caught Jamar on The Voice…awesome!
    I have a very special lady featured on today’s blog who I’d love everyone to meet, Dr. Lissa Rankin @
    Thanks for sharing, Barbara!

  6. You are so awesome, Barbara! Looking forward to all your guest posts 🙂
    I love The Voice concept more than the American Idol. Oh, and I absolutely admire Madonna, even after all these years. Her Super Bowl performance was a fun ride on the memory lane!

    As for the blog promo: I’m featuring Traci Bell on my blog this week. We have a fun and simple contest and the winner will take home her fabulous book, Entangled.

    • I wanna be all healthy like Madonna when I’m 50+ and like Tina Turner when I hit my 70s. Both ladies rock for real. Oh yeah, Angela, much respect to Madonna for the longevity! I could have watched her longer and done without Nicki and the M.I.A. finger chick.

      I swung by the Traci Bell post, but didn’t get a chance to comment so I’m glad you shared it here! 🙂

  7. Jamar has an awesome voice – and you have an incredible schedule coming up. I’ll be looking for you.

    • Thanks, Louise! Part of my love of the performance TV shows is moments where I get to hear a few minutes of someone singing (or dancing) for the pure joy of it. Jamar is one of those performers. I’m just taken in.

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