We Are Family! Link to Horror Genre Guest Post and ROW80 Check-In

“Living life is fun and we’ve just begun
To get our share of the world’s delights
(HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future
And our goal’s in sight
~ Sister Sledge “We Are Family”

Get out your boogie shoes!  That was one of my jams back in the day and it is fitting for this week.  Today, I’m talking about all things writing horror at Nicole Basaraba’s Uni-Verse-City.  Then tomorrow guest blogging over at my buddy Natalie Hartford’s Life Out Loud site.  I’m beyond ecstatic to have both opportunities and hope you take the time to swing by and say hello.


  • 1,500 words of new fiction a week either on novel WIP or short stories.  I’ve been away from my fiction writing since Saturday.  The mini-break was good to get past the stuck “uggies” I felt last week.  I shall not be stuck!  I met with my writing group last night and was inspired by the pieces we reviewed and critiqued.  Then I found a handwritten page in my notebook of a start from a short story prompt I’d forgotten and cranked out 759 more words on it when I got home.  Now I’ll carve out time the rest of the week to focus on the novel WIP and the outline/plot tweaks I know I need to address.  
  • Read at least one chapter a week of a craft book.  Planned for Saturday morning.
  • Read at least one chapter of a novel each week.  Doing later today.

Social Media

  • Blog three times a week.  Three done so far, including a guest post and this update.  Three more pending, including Sunday’s update.  🙂
  • Read, comment and share at least 10 blogs a week.  Need to play a little catch up here.  I’m fine for sharing, but need to get more comments in.  I find that I’ll read posts on breaks during the day, but don’t have time to always comment right then.
  • Check Twitter and Facebook at least once daily.  Done every day so far.

Healthy Happy Living

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.  I’m taking aim at slacker exercise bunny by making formal exercise plans.  Yeah, you better be scared, bunny man.  Have an hour of strength training tonight, then cardio planned for Friday and Saturday.  I’m also going to be incorporating more stretching at home.
  • Finish my poncho project via crocheting one hour a week.  I treat myself with TV time on Wednesday nights, so I’ll be doing this watching.
  • Enjoy watching one movie a week without multitasking.  Planned for Friday night.

How are you doing so far this week?  Anything you are planning to tweak?  Check out the updates of others via the blog hop.

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12 Responses to We Are Family! Link to Horror Genre Guest Post and ROW80 Check-In

  1. bwtaylor75 says:

    Followed the link and loved the post. The horror genre needs all of the love it can get and you showed some today. Keep up the good work.

    • You are right, Brian. Horror has gotten kicked around a bit too much. Thanks both for stopping by here to say hello and also visiting and commenting on the guest post. Great to meet you!

  2. Hi Barbara! Here from Rachael Harrie’s Campaign. So nice to meet another horror writer!

    • *waving* Hi, Elizabeth! Great to meet you too. Horror writers unite! I almost missed the campaign this time around. Got into groups and now I need to scamper off and do my blog post. I’m also in short story and suspense/thriller.

  3. Just stopping by to say hi! I’m in short stories, Sci-fi, fantasy and YA of Rachael Harrie’s Writers’ Campaign. I’ve been a part of Rachael’s campaign for a while now. I think you were there for the last one even. It’s amazing how we can network like this and meet some many awesome people.

    • Hi again Jamie! Yes, I definitely remember you and loved your blog post last year about 9/11. This will be my second campaign. I got sucked down in a busy time at work last round so I missed the last challenges, but have more time to dig in now. Also love the link you tweeted about Scrivener a little bit ago. I’m also writing through my novel fears. 🙂

  4. You are having a great week thus far Barbara!! Keep up the great work. On blog commenting, I try to just click the like button and let that be enough sometimes….hehehehe…but you are doing great! I can’t WAIT to fire up your guest post tomorrow. People are going to LOVE IT!!
    Woot woot!!

    • Thanks, Natalie! I’m chug, chugging along and so glad this round is gelling more for me. 🙂 I do try to hit the like button on blogs, but sometimes doing it from my tablet gets funky. I know I can’t comment on everyone’s blog posts all the time, but I do try to let people know I’m reading them. That is where sharing and retweeting comes in. And I’m having ice cream for dinner in celebration of my guest posts this week. Well, actually because I’m feeling a little under the weather and have no appetite for the broccoli in my fridge, but still ice cream PAR-TAY! (hello treadmill)

  5. Sounds like you are moving right along, Barbara… keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

  6. Hi Barbara,
    You’ve been busy! I’m sure that slacker exercise bunny is shaking in her boots! Congrats on a great week.

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