Rants from an Idol Addict: A Touch of Southern Charm Amidst the Storm


We have rounded into week two of our 2013 Idol celebration to find the claws still scratching on the table, and Randy and Keith plowing on to remember the contestants in the room.  Nicki seems to operate from the game play of whoever speaks the loudest and most wins.  I ask again why is she being allowed to greet everyone and carry on like she’s the lead?  At one point, the bickering ramped up to her walking out and delaying the production.  I get the marketing spin of it to have more people tune in (the ratings dropped a little last year), but think it will backfire.

Ones I’ll Watch from Charlotte

  • Brian Rittenberry’s back story is that his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, but made it through to now be there supporting him.  He sings “Let It Be” and has an unexpected tone and soulfulness to his voice.  Not sure how long he’ll last in the competition, but that audition earns him a spot in Hollywood.
  • Jimmy Smith (above), he of the blond wavy hair with country vibe, sings “Bless the Broken Road.”  Now I’m first to admit I’m not a country genre loving gal.  There is a smattering of country singers or songs I like, but generally not.  THIS guy I’d like to listen to and, bonus, he’s handsome.
  • We get a flash of Na’chelle Fullins-Lovell crossing into a few different octaves showing off her range.  I’m not sure what she is even singing so I can’t tell if her voice is cool beyond the vocal reach.
  • I have to mention Isabel Gonzalez for the fact of the judges fawning over her.  She gets an audition after being nominated by her aunt and Randy went to her high school to let her know she’d secured a spot.  Isabel sings “Nothing Could Ever Change This Love.”  Okay is it me or is there no melody she was singing?  It is a weird.  Maybe my ears are clogged.  Yes she is cute and perky.  Not sold on the voice.
  • I’m loving bad wig wearing Ashley Smith for her take on “Cowboy Casanova.”  Aside from the ill-fitting hair color and style, she has a surprisingly good voice.
  • Rodney Barber is a formerly homeless, city hero who sings “I’ll Be” with an old school, powerful soul voice.  I don’t see him making it out of Hollywood, but like his first audition.
  • Candace Glover, returning from last year where she was cut in Las Vegas, sings, “Syrup and Honey,” and shuts it down with her audition.  Like Randy and Mariah gave it a standing ovation shut it down.  She can sing.  Easily one of the best auditions we’ve been shown this season.
  • Seretha Guinn has a heart tug story and a cute voice.  I want to hear her something else because her first song choice is quirky (“Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song) and last is muted and not really her in terms of style (“How Do I Live Without You”).

Ones I’ll Watch from Baton Rouge

  • Megan Miller, who wanders in on crutches, sings “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” even though she needs surgery for an infection setting in on her leg.
  • Charlie Askew has a unique tone as he sings “Breakthru” and also seems like a pretty cool guy in terms of personality.
  • Maddie Assel sings “Oh Darling.”  She has a cool voice, but puts way too much growl and over singing via runs in her audition.  Keith asks her who some of her influencers are and the first she mentions is Beyonce.  Yep.  She makes it through and I hope we can hear some closer to straight melody from her in Hollywood.
  • Breanna Steer, who we get a drive-by snippet of singing “I’m Goin’ Down.”
  •  Burnell Taylor is a Hurricane Katrina survivor who sings “I’m Here” with soulful abandon.  Randy, Mariah and Keith give him a standing ovation.

We are heading to San Antonio and Long Beach next week.

What’s your take on Nicki stalking out in anger?

Do you think the judges are being too strict or too liberal in passing out the golden tickets?

Image Source: Americanidol.com photos

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8 Responses to Rants from an Idol Addict: A Touch of Southern Charm Amidst the Storm

  1. I still don’t watch Idol, but I love reading your recaps. It’s like I’m there with you, which makes it so much fun!

    As for Nicki ~ ugh. What is her deal?

    • I love that you come along for the ride, Tameri! I love Idol for the opportunities it has opened for so many of the past contestants and some of the stunning and moving vocal moments we’ve seen on the show. Idol drives me bonkers for some of the judge selections and misguided publicity focuses. It is those times that I mutter to remind myself that it is TV and about ratings and revenue. The whole deal with Nicki is a rub because her energy is off. It is so “me, me, me” and antagonistic that at times I wonder if, underneath all the costumes and voices, she even likes herself.

      • That’s the feeling I get from her, too. Just from the interviews I’ve seen and snippets here and there. The show should be about the contestants, not the judges’ egos.

  2. Another ‘bang on’ review! This was the first time I caught Idol and I’m singularly unimpressed with the panel of judges. Helloooo … could there be any less rapport? To write any more would simply be to echo your perceptive comments. I’ll be back next week for your next rant.

    • I’m with you, Patricia. They have no chemistry or bonds built. It is four people tossed behind a panel surviving. At least with Steven, Randy and J-Lo, we saw elements of genuine respect and compassion. These four are struggling. Thanks for hanging out in Idol land. 🙂

  3. Your posts are better than the show! Okay, I admit – haven’t watched it this season. Even so, I vote for your posts. Can your blog be crowned Idol? 😉

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